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The Future of Our Office

on Oct 24, 2008: While I love to exercise, I think it's a terrible idea. It will only give people an excuse to be in the office more often! Whatever happened to people going for hikes and being active for the sake of enjoying life?

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Getting To Know Michelle Obama

on Aug 01, 2007: Michelle Obama would make a great first lady. I'm surprised she's not more outspoken about how she would fill the role of first lady. Running for President involves the whole family, especially the spouse, and first ladies have endless opportunities to make their mark on the world. I don't thin…

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Tyra Banks Loses 30 lbs... and Credibility?

on Jul 16, 2007: It is important to eat healthy and be active, but there is way too much focus on weight and an unrealistic ideal that people should all look the same- skinny. Only Tyra knows if she lost the weight for the right reason. I can imagine that if one were a model for years and years, they might want …