Tyra Banks Loses 30 lbs... and Credibility?

   By drodriguez  Oct 05, 2008

As a follow-up to SheSpeak’s recent post about anorexia and other eating disorders we have news about former supermodel Tyra Banks. You may remember the press Tyra Banks received a few months ago when she was featured all over the tabloids and the internet pictured candidly at the beach in a bathing suit with captions reading that she was too fat (among other more rude comments carrying the same message).

This is nothing new. We are all accustomed to reading magazines that criticize celebrities for putting on weight. What was different about this was the way Tyra Banks responded to all the negative press about her weight.

She went on her talk show in the same bathing suit she wore in the photos and sent out the message that she feels comfortable with her body and just because she is not as thin as she was when she was modeling does not mean she is not just as beautiful. She later heroically spoke the now famous words “Kiss my fat ass!” aimed at all the people who criticize women who have put on weight.

Fast forward four months and you will see Tyra Banks on the cover of the May 12th issue of Life & Style magazine in a tiny bikini with the caption “How Tyra Lost 30 lbs!”

Why did Tyra Banks lose the weight? There has been speculation about the network pressuring her to drop pounds, though she has said it was her decision and she just wanted to fit into her old jeans. Of course Tyra Banks can do what she wants with her own body, but being a self-employed spokesperson about body image her message becomes very confusing.

So why did Tyra Banks go on to lose 30 pounds in the four months following this declaration that she was perfectly comfortable with her weight?

What kind of a message does that send out to the young women who found encouragement in her commendable message about body image just a few months ago?

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cherylynn13 by cherylynn13 | Cedartown, GA
Jan 09, 2011

Tyra often talks about her weight on ANTM and she emphasizes being ok with what you have but changing what you don't like. And i feel that is just what she did.

towens84 by towens84 | Houston, TX
Dec 01, 2010

I think Tyra wants people to be comfortable at any weight, but still strive to be healthy. It's not fun to be fat, it's not healthy to be fat... but no one should be criticized or berated for it. You don't wanna sit in the corner and cry about your weight.. embrace what you have, then work on getting fit. She's not a hypocrite. She taught herself to work her body at any weight so even with 30 pounds gained she is able to feel sexy...but to do what was comfortable/healthy for her she lost weight.

tippya08 by tippya08 | gaston, NC
Aug 06, 2010

I think she is beautiful either way.It's her body.Her decisions.If losing weight made her feel better then great! If it didn't then great!

mdist7 by mdist7 | SOUTH HAVEN, MI
Jan 23, 2010

Tyra annoys me!! She's so hypocritical...if she loves the way she looks 30 lbs. heavier, then way did she loose it??!! Also, I have to say something about people coming down on those who comment on overweight people......I am sick to death of hearing "Oh, you're so tiny, what do you know about weight issues, we hate skinny people"...need I go on? Yet, somehow, it is absolutely accepted. What in the world would someone do if someone said to an overweght person in public, "Oh I hate you, you're so fat, we hate fat people.? People would react and freak out!!, but no one comes to the rescue of the person being ridiculed that is not overweight.

momagarry by momagarry | MILWAUKEE, WI
Sep 29, 2009

Whatever makes her happy...

Indica66 by Indica66 | Saint Clairsville, OH
Sep 11, 2009

I just want to ask why it is so easy for women as a gender to tear each other apart? Maybe THAT is what we really need to be looking into, and not all this superficial outer beauty stuff. It is like my mom always told me....you can meet someone who by all accounts is one of the so called "beautiful people", but if their heart is not right, you are looking directly at one of the ugliest people on this earth. Real beauty NEVER goes out of style.

Indica66 by Indica66 | Saint Clairsville, OH
Sep 11, 2009

I am 6'1" ladies, and not to mention that it is incredibly hard to find jeans without paying a chunk more for just a couple inches more of fabric.....I digress....my healthy weight goes between about 139-175. Personally I feel I am too thin at 139, but notice a change in energy around 170-175. The biggest I ever was (without being pregnant) was 190lbs. I still felt like I looked good, but there was a noticeable difference in my energy and motivation. We need to quit criticizing people for taking control of their lives. Tyra is not being a hypocrite. Try living your own to the fullest instead of being all up in someone else's business. It's a 24 hour job to take care of your own life. For me, I look my best between 157-165..anything else and I notice a difference health-wise. And I personally WILL NOT buy a bigger size, because when you see that you will soon be NAKED if you don't improve your eating habits and exercise, that will motivate you for sure..

deymarocksz by deymarocksz | houston, TX
Aug 29, 2009

i love tyra! i watch her show everyday! she is inspiring . she actually inspired me to start doing this shespeaks.com thing . and im only 15 . i love her!!! :D

daynalove by daynalove | Waxhaw, NC
Jun 19, 2009

I think that Tyra is a beautiful woman first and foremost. Everyone is beautiful in there own unique way and it is sad to see what the world is coming to. It is almost like a caste system for weight. People are way to hung up over other people. YOU need to start worrying about yourself and what you can do to improve you, before you critize and critic someone else. Because in actuality you are probably worse off!

bigjules911 by bigjules911 | Aberdeen, MS
Jun 17, 2009

I'm all for people being themselves. There are some major issues and for me how big or small Tyra's rear end is isn't really high on the priority list. Who cares?

parisluvr by parisluvr | STOW, OH
Jun 11, 2009

Are you people really that bored with your lives that you need to critize other people for gaining or losing weight??? It is PATHETIC!!!!

parisluvr by parisluvr | STOW, OH
Jun 11, 2009

I love Tyra and she is very inspiring to me. Its her body and if she lost 30lbs. and thats what she wants and she is healthy, then let her. And to you nasty people who enjoy saying mean things about other people, famous or not, you are disgusting!!! Why would you say something mean to someone?? Would you want somebody to say something mean about you??? People who do that must be bored or insecure about their own life.

aMUSEme by aMUSEme | Fort Worth, TX
Jun 09, 2009

It's no question that Tyra Banks is a little cuckoo. Have you seen the last few seasons of America's Next Top Model? The one where she's all futuristic? It is scary. This woman likes the limelight, and does what it takes to get in it.

kev3mir42 by kev3mir42 | antwerp, NY
Jun 07, 2009

I watch the Tyra Banks show almost daily. She is a very outspoken person. Don't we all have times that we feel we should hit the gym yet still feel comfortable with our bodies? it is all a personal choice. It just depends on how you deal with it. I don't think there is anything wrong with this and the way it was done. plainly feeling comfortable in your body is key and obviously she does.

hgoncalves by hgoncalves | MELROSE, MA
May 01, 2009

I say good for her!