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Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Hairspray

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Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat

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Enter the StyleUnited: New View, New You Giveaway

on May 14, 2012: Joined!

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Kardashian Sister Kylie Jenner's Fashion Week Foray

on Oct 27, 2011: I think Kylie did a great job. She is a beautiful young lady, and looked fabulous. As for young teens modeling, I think the potential is there for a lot of issues. The fashion and entertainment industries can be very dark and demoralizing, especially for someone who is young and impressionable. Th…

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Relax & Share to Win One of 5 Cool Gadgets

on Oct 05, 2011: During my lunch break, I get in my car and drive to a place with a clear view of the sky (i.e. emptier area of mall parking lot). With the radio off, I slightly recline my seat and watch the blue sky and clouds. It is serene and brings a calm, relaxation to me. Even if it is raining, watching the …