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  • EricaD By  EricaD    

    I HATE waiting for my nails to dry. I've ruined countless manicures because I got too impatient. This topcoat really does help your nails dry faster, so in my book it's a winner.

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  • Lilgliter By  Lilgliter    

    Super Dry

    I love love love this so much I buy it a lot it works well on top on ANY nail polish I?ve been using there for so long now I do recommend

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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    It really does work.

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  • Explorer52 By  Explorer52    

    Best top coat I have ever tried! It is truly fast drying ~ 1 min or less. Leaves the nails looking shiny. Helps nail polishes last for at least a week. The Brush is perfect - covers good surface area.

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  • rocknrollprincess22 By  rocknrollprincess22    

    Revlon truly hit the nail on the head with this product AMAZING the shine is beautiful and dries fast!

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  • onenac By  onenac    

    I like it because it dries quickly

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  • maia616 By  maia616    

    Dries fast and I love the shine it gives. I use it as a top coat and it makes my manicure last longer!

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    I LOVE ,Love ,Love Relvon Quick Dry Top CoatI It dries so fast you don't have wait all day on your nails to dry.

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  • amandaellen By  amandaellen    

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! this top coat delivers professional results. sooo much shine. long wearing. i use it to refresh my mani all the time. couldnt be happier.

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  • Cropperhopper By  Cropperhopper    

    I have used this top coat for years. It quickly dries many layers of nail polish. Without it, it would take several hours to dry. It also has oils that nourish the cuticles. I have my cosmetology license which permits me to do both hair and nails professionally. I prefer this as my own personal use.

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  • cityblondechic By  cityblondechic    

    I'm so glad to read these reviews. I generally use China Glaze top coat and love it, but it's a bit pricey, it's nice knowing there is a less expensive very nice product out there for me to try instead. I'll probably try it and see how it compares, though I have to admit I love China Glaze.

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  • mfittsj By  mfittsj    

    I like it because it dries quickly- but I'm a bartender and it doesn't hold up as well as others

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  • mskhull By  mskhull    

    Seems always in a hurry when I do my nails including the toenails. I have tried this product and absolutely love it. Nothing like smudging toe nails or having imprints on them. It really does work.

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  • loves2laugh By  loves2laugh    

    True to it's word....awesome polish!

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  • goodtogether By  goodtogether    

    Love this stuff!

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