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Oregon Chai Original Chai Tea Latte Mix

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Stop the Mad "Makeover"

on Nov 07, 2009: Great advice! I've experienced this twice...the second time I thought to myself "It'll be different this time...". Boy, was I wrong! The worst part? The second time was the more terrible experience because she was insulting me because I didn't cake on 20 layers of makeup like her!! She asked me to…

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Social Networking For Six-Year-Olds

on Nov 05, 2009: Young children need to be living their lives, in real life. Not through the internet. I think a big issue is that parents need to become more aware of the fact that there are other ways for them to access the internet and these social networking sites than just by a computer. There are phones, cer…

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A Mother Denies Her Son Chemotherapy

on Nov 05, 2009: I cannot imagine why any parent wouldn't do everything in their power to save their child's life! This is just ridiculous. I understand that she feels it violates her religion, but before anything, shouldn't her son come first? Understandably, the chemotherapy wouldn't be pleasant, but how is she …