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Halloween Doesn?t Have To Be So Scary

on Nov 29, 2007: All great ideas and I wish more parents would do these little things for their children. I also have to add that I have seen many younger children out by themselves without adult supervision. This is just so many bad things waiting to happen ...

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Risking It All With Rage

on Nov 29, 2007: My husband is terrible !! from the time he gets into the car, I am totally stressed out !! Sometimes I'm not sure where all his rage comes from but one positive things has come from his actions, my actions and reactions and improved greatly. I am finding myself with more patience than I had ever s…

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Save the World and Your Health

on Nov 29, 2007: Both my husband and I work from home so we save a ton on gas. I am always turning the lights out to save on electric. We recycle, freecycle, you name it. I'de like to see some motivation from some other source, ya know ?