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Stealing From Our Kids

on Oct 03, 2010: I agree with jemappel. It's a form of child abuse. Ideally, a parent would do anything to make sure their child were better off, apparently others don't think so. I think it's a really horrible thing to put a CHILD's name on something and possibly ruin their future because of your own irresponsib…

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Starchy vs. Waxy Potatoes

on Sep 27, 2010: This is very useful information. I never knew there were waxy potatoes! But I will definitely give this a try. Potatoes, salt, and Parmesan cheese? Yes, please!

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Violent Video Game Gets The Boot

on Sep 27, 2010: I have to wonder what sick minded people created a game like this. I also have to winder what sick minded people would buy this for themselves, let alone their child! What is this world coming to?