Walmart  StraightTalk Cell Phone Service

Walmart StraightTalk Cell Phone Service

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i have this service and its alright the price is a little high as we get no discount for the two phones that we have, sevice is alright i drop calls between the two phones on the account but not so much with other providers

We love it. My family just switched over. We were with AT&T & had 2 lines & shared 550 min a month & only I had texting. That was about $125 a month. NOW we have 3 lines unlimited texting & calls & only $95 a month. Our reception is great & my husband & I got to keep our old numbers.

All the name brand phone companies are too overpriced! I couldn't afford my high priced verizon contract! So I canclled it, I was with out a phone for a few months then straight talk came out! I was like this is too good to be true! I asked around and did my research. I finnaly decided to get the straight talk phone I have the samsung slider. I get better service than I did with verizon. Best deal on the prepaid market!

I live in the country and I actually got better service with my old phone than I do on the Straight Talk phone. The phone itself is great and I love the no contract, $30 monthly charge. I was getting way less for way more with my previous phone. If I could just get better service out in the country, I would be perfectly happy!!

My mother and I share the LG flip straight talk phone and it is amazing! I can get service where my sister can't with her expensive AT&T phone. I would recommend this to anyone. It's cheap and contract-free; you definitely get the best for the least amount of money.

I have had this phone for about 6 months now. I love it!! I get better signal than my mom with her AT&T phone.

I have had straight talk for 8 months now. The service is great!! The only downfall is the browser is really slow. But you can check your email and facebook. Just be prepared to wait. I had a fast smart phone from alltel so I was spoiled. But it is totally unlimited for 45 a month. My teenager stays on for hours and text while on the phone and it does great.

This is a great one for the kids.

great deal for your money

I was skeptical about the cell phone coverage being offered by Walmart called StraightTalk. I decided it would be great for my kids - no contract, phones start at $29 and go up to $99 and the service fee is $30 for 1000 minutes AND 1000 text messages, or $45 for unlimited minutes AND text messages and 30MB of web content. I bought my kids the phones and kept my Sprint phone (my plan is $80 for 700 minutes and 300 anytime minutes per month). We drove to WA from TX this summer - several times, my expensive Sprint phone had no service where the Walmart phone continued to carry a signal the entire way. The Walmart service is through Verizon lines. I decided after asking to use my kids phones several times, that I too will convert. I purchased the $99 phone for myself (Motorola Razor) and my friends have commented on how much better my phone sounds now. I HIGHLY recommend this service. Again, no contracts, great cell phone coverage and a fraction of the price! You can re-up the minutes online which saves you a trip to the store.