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No More Memes! Mom Sends a Message To Internet Bullies Who Turned Her Son Into Cruel Meme

on May 01, 2016: Yes!!! It makes me sad to see innocent children be made targets. Really think if someone shows lack of respect and can not act mature... they may need to have their facebook page suspended. There is never a good excuse to be hateful or cruel. Would like to see facebook have stricter guide lines fo…

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Where Nature Is The Classroom: One School's Unique Outdoor Learning Program

on May 01, 2016: Yes!!! There is so much pressure for kids in school and I feel they need outlets to let their energy and creativity flow. I feel this gives them a chance to rest and recharge their brains.

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After 50 Years of Studies Researchers Say Spanking Leads To Mental Health Problems

on Apr 30, 2016: I was in the generation that got spanked. I really can not say it was a negative for me, but you can bet it kept me on the straight an narrow. I knew that I had to behave or there were consequences to pay. I just think that like any other emotion everyone is different and this can effect people in…