No More Memes! Mom Sends a Message To Internet Bullies Who Turned Her Son Into Cruel Meme

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Feb 10, 2016

Parents may expect to hear about bullies on the schoolyard, but when everyone has access to our lives online - internet bullying can begin at any age. Mom AliceAnn Meyer found this out the hard way after sharing pictures of her now 4 year old son Jameson who was born with a rare genetic disorder. Much to Meyer’s shock, she began seeing the photos she shared of Jameson plastered all over Facebook and they had been turned into cruel and hateful memes  mocking her son’s appearance

Today reports about the Meyer’s response to the internet bullying after one of the photos she shared on her blog, Jameson’s Journey, was being used as memes that made fun of her son. Meyer began seeing her son’s image on various memes, so comparing his appearance to a pug. But no matter how hard Meyer fought to have one removed, sure enough a brand new meme just as cruel as the last would pop up.

When Meyer received one response from someone who had created a meme using Jackson’s image, she felt she had to speak out. Meyer explains, “It struck a chord with me when (someone who posted the meme) told me that the photo was not even a real person — that it was a photo-shopped image. I just thought this was a great opportunity to educate people…there is a person behind that photo. He is very real, as are so many other kids.”

Meyer would soon take to her blog and send out a post introducing everyone to her very real son. She wrote, “"If you are going to laugh and share this meme, I think you should know exactly what it is you are sharing and laughing at. So, to everyone that 'LOL'd', shared, and posted that meme, let me start by introducing you to the child you find so funny. His name is Jameson. He is very real, and he was born with Pfeiffer syndrome.”

Though Meyer was very disappointed to see the slew of memes created using her son’s image, she admits that she was pleasantly surprised to be the recipient of a huge show of support from followers of the Facebook community she created for Jameson’s Journey . Parents have reached out to show support and share similar stories of their own child’s internet bullying.

During a time where it’s common for a child to have an internet presence from birth, Meyer says that she wishes there were more safeguards in place to protect images of children online. She explains, “No one has the right to take one of your photos and use it to humiliate your child…just because it's the Internet, doesn't make it right.” She later adds, “...even if there's a meme with a child who doesn't have any physical abnormalities, that child is still only a child.”

What do you think about this mother who is struggling to have memes of her son removed from the internet?

Do you think there should be more safeguards in place to protect the images of our children?

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lolamae22 by lolamae22 | Houston, TX
May 01, 2016

Yes!!! It makes me sad to see innocent children be made targets. Really think if someone shows lack of respect and can not act mature... they may need to have their facebook page suspended. There is never a good excuse to be hateful or cruel. Would like to see facebook have stricter guide lines for people stealing other peoples personal pics or information as a form of bullying.

TamJu46 by TamJu46 | PIKEVILLE, KY
Mar 23, 2016

I think they should have safeguards to protect children from bullies, pedophiles, or abusers! Should be a law to protect Jameson . What is happening in with our youth today and young adults that they could be so cruel.

Mddonohue13 by Mddonohue13 | MIAMI, FL
Mar 04, 2016

The online world is scary and the image of all minors should be protected. There are unfortunately too many individuals who could emotionally or physically harm others out there.

andreadmallory by andreadmallory | BRISTOL, VA
Feb 29, 2016

its so easy to just copy a picture or save it to your hard drive. that shouldn't be allowed. its not just internet bullies you have to worry about its pedophiles its people you dont want even knowing your child exhist. Its scary to think that all anyone has to do to invade our lives is hit a button.

debtmomof3 by debtmomof3 | Kent, OH
Feb 17, 2016

I strongly feel there should be ways to block sharing of any personal picture without consent through the share link by the original owner of the pic. A tall order I know, but especially when minors are involved!

leeplen by leeplen | PROSPECT PARK, NJ
Feb 14, 2016

Yes. Really kids are bullied online like this. Unfortunately we need them with this behavior. The child is perfect. Every child is perfect.