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Plus-Sized Model Bares All

on Oct 01, 2009: First off, lets not call her a plus size model. Lets just call her a model. The smaller models are the ones that are not normal. They should be the underweight models. I can't believe we have allowed magazines and the fashion industry to make us believe bones and skin is beautiful. It's not. …

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Is Walking To School A Thing Of The Past?

on Oct 01, 2009: We are deffinitely more aware now thanks to the media, but besides that, I think our world is much more corrupt than it was 30-40 years ago. Before, due to lack of technology, parents were not as aware of many things. Its not just about the danger of being abducted, its also the possablitly of b…

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Is It Your Legal Right To 'Shoot The Bird' In Public?

on Oct 01, 2009: It's all about controlling ourselves. We all have a right to freedom of expression. Just as Hackbart had a right to flip off the other driver, the other driver has his rights too. He could have responded and then this could have gone a whole different way if the cop was not there. I think the …