Plus-Sized Model Bares All

   By drodriguez  Sep 07, 2009

Open up almost any fashion magazine and you will usually see a much smaller than average sized woman posing on just about every page.  This is why when plus-sized model, Lizzie Miller, posed nude in Glamour magazine recently people noticed.  Glamour was soon inundated with letters from readers praising them for being brave enough to feature an average sized woman. 

People found Miller's photo to be a refreshing change from the norm and rejoiced that they could finally relate to a model's figure.  Lizzie Miller discussed her decision to pose nude for the magazine.  Miller said, "I remember when I was younger, looking through magazines, and I would feel so out of place and so self-conscious because I didn't see anyone who looked like me." 

It is no wonder the size zero models are difficult for us to relate to when, according to an ABC News article, an estimated 41 percent of women are larger than a size 14.  So why do retailers seem to cater to tiny figures when most consumers have a much fuller figure?  It doesn't make sense that retailers seem to be turning their backs on literally millions of consumers

The fact that Miller's photo caused such a stir proves that we are ready to see this kind of change in our magazines and advertisements.  Miller talked about this change when she said, "The fact that this picture caused such a frenzy, it says that this is obviously, something that people need to see.  I'm not trying to promote obesity, and I'm not obese, but I'm also not stick thin."

What do you think of plus-sized model, Lizzie Miller, posing nude for Glamour magazine?

Do you think more fashion magazines should feature larger women models?

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brimcgrail by brimcgrail | Clinton Twp, MI
Nov 29, 2009

I think our young girls need MORE role models such as this one. The average american women is NOT a size 1....Maybe our young ladies will not feel so much pressure to be an unattainable size.....

Alyssarae92293 by Alyssarae92293 | BOYNTON BEACH, FL
Oct 14, 2009

I'm very proud of this Beautiful Plus Size Model!

laidoff by laidoff | Evergreen Park, IL
Oct 08, 2009

Hey...were all beautiful just different sizes and color. But the Media and Magazine Company's only make money on slim women. It's all about $$$$$$$$$$$

Nubians by Nubians | N PLAINFIELD, NJ
Oct 05, 2009

Why is she a plus size model??? She looks like the real world of women; not airbrushed, photo shopped, etc. She's beautiful and that's how we women look before the photographers decided to make us "better". She is a perfect size "Lizzie" as we all are perfect size "..." With all of our curves, bumps and rolls, we are perfectly beautiful Women. And maybe the plus stands for "PERFECT".

Zengirl8 by Zengirl8 | Clifton, NJ
Oct 03, 2009

Bravo to Lizzie for representing an average and healthy body in a magazine that is infamous for not featuring them. Now that this is out there..more magazines need to embrace this and feature regular size bodies and fuller bodies in their stories. Fashion ads have to pay attention too! So many magazines really put a damper on your spirits when you look through them and see the unrealistic bodies that make you want to go on a diet and you proceed to beat yourself up and compare how you look vs. how they do. I loved when Dove had all sorts of shapes,sizes,races and ages in their ads nude. I saw them in many magazines,but I wonder now if they are still being run in magazines? Things like these always seem short-lived and that is a real problem. They need to become normal so that when you are going through any magazine you can say "Look, someone I can relate to"..not the opposite.

latinamom by latinamom | Kaufman, TX
Oct 01, 2009

First off, lets not call her a plus size model. Lets just call her a model. The smaller models are the ones that are not normal. They should be the underweight models. I can't believe we have allowed magazines and the fashion industry to make us believe bones and skin is beautiful. It's not. Being able to see the spine, collar bones, shoulder bones and wrist bones is not pretty, that is sick. I am very proud of both Lizzie and Glamour magazine for entering the real world.

sisterjan by sisterjan | Lighthouse Point, FL
Sep 27, 2009

She looks fit and healthy, not anorexic. It's a pleasant change to see the way the average women look.

mommymomo by mommymomo | daytona beach, FL
Sep 25, 2009

Props to them! Women and men come in all shapes and sizes and color! We need to show that more often!

Jere2911 by Jere2911 | ANNA, TX
Sep 24, 2009

I'm sick of all skinny models because I am skinny. They ruin it for me. I wasn't blessed with any curves. But just because I'm a size 2, 32-A, why can't I be happy with my body? I eat well, this is just me- I'm small. But because all these scary-skinny girls, there's a stereotype that comes with this body. To me this story isn't about being "plus-sized" it's about being yourself. I won't apologize for who I am- I'm proud of my body too. We're all different. And that's what makes each of us beautiful. And hopefully other magazines and TV will pick up on the same idea we have and do something about it.

momagarry by momagarry | MILWAUKEE, WI
Sep 23, 2009

I admire her confidence.

gingerella by gingerella | Plymouth, MA
Sep 22, 2009

I think it is great that she did this. I know I have so many body issues so I could never do it. But I think more magazines, tv shows, music videos etc should show more "real sized" women because most of us aren't a size 0-2.

saralee49509 by saralee49509 | Grand Rapids, MI
Sep 21, 2009

I like how a larger woman is poseing nude I am a larger woman and I say a long as you are happy with yourself to pose nude then who is anyone to to say you can't. I love my curvie body I would do it too!

twicebad18 by twicebad18 | niles, OH
Sep 20, 2009

I was very pleased to see that picture and when i saw it I was like she has a body like mine and she is in a magazine what gives LOL its nice that an average size women is pictured in such a popular magazine. regardless of whether she is plus size or average she is above the stick thin figure that has become todays model and we should applaud that.

cathy825 by cathy825 | Hartford, CT
Sep 18, 2009

I think more magazines should feature plus sized models because skinny models are not the only pretty ones there's plus sized females that have the face of a model. I think is unrealistic if magazines don't feature plus sized models all kinds and looks if they don't put them in covers it wouldn't matter to me if they are famous is just a matter of variety.

docmp78 by docmp78 | Fridley, MN
Sep 17, 2009

I think every woman goes through different sizes all through her life..before marriage,after marriage,after having kids,in pre-meno,post varies a depends a lot on ur genes etc. No one can stay certain size all their lives..but every woman should be confident in whatever the size is..and the media /tv/mags etc should not try to keep us all in size they think is perfect for us!! as long as we feel healthy,we are good:)