Tobi Steamer Clothing Steamer

Tobi Steamer Clothing Steamer

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it was very easy to use this product. My clothes looked neat and very presentable after using this product. I recommend it to everyone that wants to look and feel like a million bucks

My friend has this product and loaned it to me so that I can steam the Kindergarten graduation gowns a year ago and it was awful..Its supposed to be quick and easy but it is designed badly ..we couldnt get it to work leaked and wet all the gown..also it didnt have any support for the item so we put a board behind it so that we wouldnt burn our hands when we stretched the material to get into the creases...well all in all we probably could have gone faster using a regular ol iron... :(

I hated this product. It is not fast and it does not remove wrinkles much less does is mark lines on shirt sleeves and pants.

It produces good steam, but is difficult to handle with clothing. It really is not tall enough. Neither my husband or I are able to steam clothes without having to bend over.

I have not tried this product yet but would love to soon. I use to work in a dry cleaners and loved steaming clothes. They look so good afterwards and much better than an iron.

I am not at all pleased. Unit is very cumbersum. Prefer Joy Manganiono Steamer. I purchased this product and was very disapointed.

I like that it doesn't burn the clothes, it steams them really well. You just have to put some water in the special container, and you are good to go. You can adjust the height of the stand, and you can even put on a shoulder strap and steam draperies. But its not really easy and convenient to steam draperies, and I melted my blinds with it. So you definately have to watch out for that! I don't use iron anymore, Tobi does all the work for me ;)) But the sad thing about Tobi is that you have to clean it every week, because of all the minerals in the water. So if your Tobi stops producing steam, that probably because of all the mineral build up! I would definately recommend it to my friends and family!