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Flying the Family Friendly Skies

on Oct 13, 2008: I think the idea is great, but it will be interesting to see how it actually works once the airline is up and running. There's a fine line between a budget airline and a crappy airline. I kind of picture trash strewn about, stains on the seats/walls, dirty bathrooms, etc. I would hope it wouldn't …

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A Few Tricks To Limit the Unhealthy Treats

on Oct 13, 2008: I think the tips offered above are good. My son is not old enough to go trick or treating yet, but, when he is, we will have a rule that he can't eat any candy while actually out trick or treating and all candy must stay in the kitchen once it is in the house. He will be allowed to indulge on Hall…

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The Women Are On Their Way

on Sep 05, 2008: Based on the description provided here, I would like to see this movie. However, the previews I have seen make it look like a typical chick-flick that maybe isn't as great as it could be. I will likely wait for this one to find its way to HBO, which shouldn't be too long.