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Dr. Seuss Oh, The Places You'll Go!

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How To Survive the Holidays in 3 Easy Steps. Plus, a Giveaway to Help Pay Your #HolidayBills!

on Nov 16, 2016: I love dressing up and spending time with the family.

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TV Shows to Watch This Fall + Your Chance to Win a Year of Netflix!

on Sep 07, 2016: Definitely Gilmore Girls. And Divorce because I'm a huge SJP fan.

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Early Bedtime Equals Lower Obesity Rate For Kids

on Jul 22, 2016: It makes sense on one hand that if you go to bed earlier your risks for obesity are lowered. You won't have as much time in the evenings to snack. On the other hand you might then eat heavier or snack more at other times of the day. In my home my daughter goes to bed later but also wakes up l…