How To Survive the Holidays in 3 Easy Steps. Plus, a Giveaway to Help Pay Your #HolidayBills!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 11.16.16
How To Survive the Holidays in 3 Easy Steps. Plus, a Giveaway to Help Pay Your #HolidayBills!

Just thinking about holiday cooking and shopping was stressing us out. Luckily, a couple of weeks ago, we asked you for your favorite holiday #SurvivalTips and as usual, you did not disasapoint. We read through them all, and figured out an easy Three-Step Plan to get us through to January 2.

Since you were so forthcoming with your assistance, we decided to pay it back. Enter our giveaway, and a lucky winner will receive $150 to help pay off some holiday bills!

Step 1: Plan early

That goes for cooking... "Plan plan plan ahead. I make the desserts ahead of time and put in the freezer. I also do slow cooker mashed potatoes, and make the turkey the day before, slice, and put it in gravy. On turkey day I heat everything up. I can visit and relax with my guests." - apeski

And shopping... "The best advice is that you can never start Christmas shopping too early. If you see items at good prices in September, scoop them up and that is one less present you have to buy." - sweetlee

Step 2: Don't Go It Alone

When friends or family offer to help, say yes... "Don't be afraid to accept their help when they offer. Some of my favorite conversations have taken place while doing dishes with my grandmother and aunts!" - MomOnTheEdge

And if they aren't offering, ask them... "Do not kill yourself trying to make a whole Thanksgiving (or Christmas) meal on your own, even if you are the hostess. Ask others to bring the side dishes and you won't be stuck in the kitchen the whole day." - Neyephe

Step 3: Treat Yourself Right

Give yourself a time out... "Always be sure to take care of yourself; eat healthfully, sleep soundly, and take time to do the things that make you feel best, whether it is reading a book, going for a bike ride, or lounging around watching your favorite TV show!" - stylinstar53

Get outside... "Best holiday survival tip: Take a walk!! Stressful family visit? Take a walk. Fussy, overstimulated kids? Take them for a walk. Ate too much at a holiday meal? Take a walk. First holiday without a loved one? Take a walk. Fresh air + nature + movement = stress zapper!!" - aneube

And when all else fails... "My holiday survival go to is a lot of chocolate and red wine. This chocolate and wine combo saves me from the stresses of the holiday season. It helps alleviate all the chaos from dinner parties, holiday shopping and the in-laws. I don't think I would survive without my wine and chocolate. " - Amanda5683

Luckily, there are so many wonderful things about the holiday season. What is your favorite? Tell us and you'll be entered for the chance to win $150 to help with your holiday bills!

There are two ways to enter:

Simply comment below and tell us what you love about the holidays.


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  • lilianapxo By lilianapxo

    I love the holidays because it just gives me a good feeling and a reason to work hard to buy gifts for me family.

  • Bethysuire By Bethysuire

    This would be a Blessing! I also tweeted! Thanks for the opportunity

  • katzxme By katzxme

    ha, as I enter 61, my memory needs all the help it can get, thank you

  • MehJewl By MehJewl

    I love the spirit of the holidays. Saying "merry Christmas" to everyone. All the kindness, decorations and magic in the air

  • Ronibing By Ronibing

    love trimming the tree with my husband and dancing to Christmas tunes

  • Kamsmommy By Kamsmommy

    I love the fact that I have a reason to enjoy the holidays again. Of course as a child I enjoyed them and they were always spent with family at grandparents house. Then as I got older most all of my grandparents passed away and sadly enough I went on with my life without much family around at all. The holidays basically became a time of mourning for me. I hated it because I remembered all the good times with family that could never be again. It didn't help that my closest grandmas birthday is Christmas day. I tried for nearly ten years to start my own family. I lost 3 lil angels over that period which only tore me down and made the holidays even harder. After drs telling me I would never successfully carry a child, she was almost full term and perfectly healthy. My daughter just turned four years old today December 4th and is a healthy, happy, thriving toddler. So for me, I'm just greatful to have a reason to be happy and enjoy my lil family!

  • Jwalker617 By Jwalker617

    I love spending time with family, the lights, I love baking. Personally I love giving, seeing the look on someone's face when they open a gift I bought or made is amazing!

  • Amandastrode24 By Amandastrode24

    I love spending time w my son and seeing him happy!

  • jesselynn23 By jesselynn23

    My favorite things about the holidays is my moms good cooking and baking all the holiday sweets and also watching my babies open presents xmas morning

  • Bamagirl40 By Bamagirl40

    I love that our entire family gets together in one room with no phones. Just old fashioned Christmas. But I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in early August and my father in law was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia Tuesday and is in the hospital so our Christmas will be celebrated at the hospital but as long as the family is together it doesn't matter where we are

  • MommysaurOfTwo By MommysaurOfTwo

    I love spending time with my family!

  • dmnmommy By dmnmommy

    I love decorating for Christmas with my family and watching my kids open their gifts!

  • angeleyescassie By angeleyescassie

    Could really use some help after being stiffed on babysitting gigs! 😕

  • alou18 By alou18

    When the shopping is over and wrapped under the tree and the bills are paid in full the day before! That'sa Happy Holiday for ME!!

  • kornsato By kornsato

    love to win

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