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Mar 13, 2009 : They must've changed to recipe or something! It used to have lather now it has none. I wont use th…

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Walking To School Is In

on Aug 21, 2008: I don't have kids so I don't understand why my neighbors kids gets off the bus its only 1/2 block from home but their grandmother is waiting at the bus stop to pick them up! Why is that? Is it so UNSAFE these days that 2 kids can't even walk 1/2 block? They are never outside more than 45 minutes! …
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Behind the Scenes At SheSpeaks

on Aug 13, 2008: Thank you she speaks for letting me try products before I actually go out and buy them! I think this is a very good website and I hope to be part of it for a long time! I like putting my 2 cents in hen I can.She speaks makes it happen for me! Thanks!
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Paying More At the Pump

on Jul 22, 2008: Oh I agree, Mccain wont be getting my vote! I think greed is the issue with oil. It's not supply anddemand! Oh puhlease! I think it really is messing up our country and their like woops, it wasntsupposed to do that! Now it kindof to late
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