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  • Layley By  Layley    

    Better than professional

    This is surprisingly good.. my friend was using it and told me it was the best shampoo ever used so I was curious, and it works like better than salon!

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  • Sravs21 By  Sravs21    

    Must try

    I like this a lot. I have been using since 1 year.

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  • Romariel By  Romariel    


    Years ago I used to wash my hair with Garnier. At first it was amazing. I had no dandruff and my hair didnt get oily fast. A few years later, unfortunately I had to stop using it. It can certainly work for somebody else. We all have different hair types. It smells good though, so that's a plus.

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  • Blair199120 By  Blair199120    

    Great Garnier!

    I love garnier products because they do everything they put on their bottles plus more. I tried this Garnier product and noticed my hair significantly stronger two weeks after use, way less flyaways, and very little broken off hair pieces, which I usually have a good bit of! I definitely recommend this product to others!

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  • stillgettingreddy By  stillgettingreddy    

    Not bad, not amazing

    I really love the smell of all Garnier products, it's always the first thing I notice about them. This shampoo did a good job of giving some volume and bounce to my very thin curly hair. It felt really clean and moisturized by the time it was dry. The only downside to this shampoo was that my hair got greasy by the second and third days. The packaging is easy to open and doesn't take up much space on my shower shelf. For the cost, this is a pretty good product.

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  • cindyrickfan By  cindyrickfan    

    garnier is a great product line

    this is a great product. I love how soft and shiny it leaves my hair and I am currently using one of their products right now. I will certainly purchase it again in the future.

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  • FMay1993 By  FMay1993    

    This shampoo and conditioner both work very well on my hair type which is oily. It leaves my hair feeling clean and soft. The scent is very appealing and I have used it many times and would purchase it again.

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  • ortiz1988c By  ortiz1988c    

    I love how it makes my hair feels when I wash it because it gives that sexy silk feeling . I would recommend

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  • Sweetangel By  Sweetangel    

    This is the perfect shampoo for my her it keep it shine and smooth.

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  • ima_lil_galaxy By  ima_lil_galaxy    

    Ugh. This shampoo is horrible for my sensitive, dry scalp. It makes my hair greasy if I wash every day which I do. It has a decent scent and it's great for my younger sister who loves using it 2 weeks after she colors, she washes every 3 days.

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  • staceyrs By  staceyrs    

    This is my everyday go-to shampoo! I have normal hair it works great and isn't drying at all. The name says it all, sleek and shine. I think it makes my hair shinier and sleeker.

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  • Rachel84 By  Rachel84    

    I have used Garnier Sleek and Shine for about the past year. It does pretty awesome for my curly hair but my only grief is that I still get a little frizzy after using it (I do live in Florida though).

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  • aking1983 By  aking1983    

    I have used this product in the past and I believe that it helps with eliminating frizz but being African American, we need more moisture in our products; especially if your hair is natural like mine. But overall they are a trusted product.

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  • divine_dare By  divine_dare    

    So I have really thick curly hair and its grown accustomed to whatever I use after a while but for some reason my hair would keep falling out no matter what and that was concerning . For me it wasn't really pleasant because my hair would go very tangled more than usual and dry as well didn't benefit me as much as other shampoo products.

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  • everimprovingme By  everimprovingme    

    I adore the smell of this shampoo. It is not overpowering and just a nice light reminder through the day when the wind blows my hair in front of my face. I know I look good, I smell good and I feel good. I love this shampoo. I only wish they came in bigger bottles.

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