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Is Snooki the New Anti-Bullying Role Model?

on May 15, 2012: HAH! I think that is great that she is trying to be a good role model.

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Time's Cover Photo: Did They Go Too Far?

on May 13, 2012: I think this is disgusting. Not only did they go to far but someone should have a talk with CPS about this. I can't believe they would choose to do display it. I can't decide if its going to hurt their brand or not but it is being talked about and controversy is obviously what they were going for.

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Vote Now to Help SheSpeaks Ring the New York Stock Exchange Bell & A Chance to Join Us!

on May 12, 2012: Shespeaks should ring because of your impressive contributions to women. I would love to see you get the publicity that would come from this opportunity so that our gender with have one more step in the right direction!