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Should Photos of Airbrushed Models Come With a Disclaimer?

on Jan 27, 2014: I remember when I was a teenager taking pictures from Seventeen magazine and trying to look like them because I was certain that *that* was what I was supposed to look like. That it was attainable. It is completely WRONG for young girls to have have these images flashed into their psyches through…

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The Best Super Bowl Ads of All Time - Giveaway

on Jan 27, 2014: I'd have to go with Mean Joe Green. It was the one I remember watching with my father when I was a little girl...

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Could It Be ADHD?

on Jul 02, 2007: Duh, I didn't answer your question. See.. no attention to detail. LOL. Most parents do not want to know there is a problem with their children and would not want to hear it from teachers. Teachers should be willing to listen to a Parent if the parent sees the signs, unlike the teachers I spoke t…