The Best Super Bowl Ads of All Time - Giveaway

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 01.23.14
The Best Super Bowl Ads of All Time - Giveaway

You might not remember which Teams played, or who won- but the most outstanding Super Bowl ads are almost stamped in your memory. They made us laugh, think, or cry, and sometimes they're even better than the game itself!  Feb 2nd is that one day of the year we'll be looking forward to the ads even more than the action!

We've rounded up 6 of our all-time favorites for you to enjoy. And if you comment below to let us know which one of these, or any other, is your all-time favorite - you'll be automatically entered to win a $100 Subway Gift Card!

 It's been called the ad that launched the Technology  Revolution, a 'watershed event' in the history of media,  and the commercial that changed our culture forever.  Here's an  inside look at Steve Jobs as he takes Apple  employees through the debut of '1984.'

 A pint-sized Darth Vader struggles to unleash his inner Jedi- until Dad comes to the rescue! "TheForce" with 56 million hits, went viral instantly as online audiences prompted advertisers to create shareable ads that will live on after Super Bowl Sunday.
 Kids stare directly into the camera and share their  future  dreams- but instead of 'Astronaut' or 'Fireman'  we hear "I want to be a brown nose, climb my way to  middle-management, be underappreciated!" Monster  tapped into career ennui in 1999's "When I Grow Up."

  In this classic, McDonald's combined the star power of  two NBA legends-Michael Jordan & Larry Bird-going head  to head in a hilarious game of b'ball Horse. The shots go  from tough to absurd, yet they keep making buckets!  Here's 'The Showdown' from 1993.

 In perhaps the most impactful ad of all-time, a team of  Clydesdales makes its way across the snowy country  to New York City, where the horses dip their heads &  bow before the empty skyline after Sept.11th. Bud's  "We'll Never Forget" aired only once & used no words.

 Topping just about every list of Best Ads Ever & winner of  the 1980 Clio Advertising Award is the iconic 'Have A  Coke and a Smile.' A child gives the injured 'Mean Joe  Greene' a coke, prompting him to smile and toss his team jersey to the kid. It's been melting hearts ever since!

What do you think is the best Super Bowl ad that ever aired? Enter to win a $100 Subway Gift Card by commenting below by February 1st, and we hope you enjoy this year's Super Bowl!

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  • dogtrainer By dogtrainer

    The 9-11 tribute is my favorite-how appropriate!

  • kbee81 By kbee81

    The Coke commercial

  • winnie11 By winnie11


  • AmieLynnO By AmieLynnO

    David Beckham's H&M commercial is my favorite. Better than football!

  • catladyruns By catladyruns

    I like the Apple commercial best.

  • MomBlogger By MomBlogger

    although the Force is a great one - I love any of the Budweiser commercials due to the awesome clydesdales!

  • devinkal By devinkal

    I was completely moved by the Budweiser best friend commercial during Super Bowl this year. The puppy from puppy adoptions, kissing the horse/ becoming buddies. The fact the horses stopped the car the puppy was in and the puppy went back with all the horses completely happy was adorable. I've watched it several times and showed others. It shows how animals can have relationships with feelings just like people. Love it!

  • ToBeHeard By ToBeHeard

    Oh... my goodness, I thought the "Audi" car Dober Chihuahua mixed dog-breed commercial was hilarious. This was too funny!! And the dog was super-cute. Kind of reminded me of the dog named Milo in the the movie the Mask with Jim Carrey.

  • Mayflower15 By Mayflower15

    Love the volkswagon one.

  • Mackster By Mackster

    The Budweiser 9/11 tribute.

  • rlporath By rlporath

    Bud 9/11

  • Whitewolf By Whitewolf

    My favorite would have to be THE FORCE Volkswagen Commercial....One of the best

  • hildat29 By hildat29

    the force volkswagen commercial

  • MoreGoodies123 By MoreGoodies123

    The Budwiser Streaker one with the animals!

  • ManalSalem By ManalSalem

    Budweiser for sure!

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