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How Old Is Too Old To Drive?

on Jul 10, 2009: As a 911 dispatcher I know firsthand just how much age affects driving. I've dispatched countless police, ambulance, and first responders to wrecks caused by elderly drivers. I'm not saying younger people don't cause accidents too, I'm just saying that as people get older they're health, eyesight,…

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Tyra Banks Loses 30 lbs... and Credibility?

on Jun 17, 2009: I'm all for people being themselves. There are some major issues and for me how big or small Tyra's rear end is isn't really high on the priority list. Who cares?

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The Latest Couture In The Maternity Ward

on Jun 17, 2009: I had a baby a few months ago and during my pregnancy I bought a few basic shirts and pants and one really nice blouse. I did spend more money on those things than I wanted to and I now they just sit in my closet. I agree with Morkoor about the way stars dress. Yes, pregnant is beautiful but weari…