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  • Latinaphoenix By  Latinaphoenix    

    Horrid Message

    Just another blank girl needing a strong boy to save her. Just like in the books Bella is a ill developed girl who could be substituted at any point by any other person and not have any change in the story.

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  • Joronchi By  Joronchi    

    The film is very good, I've seen with my friends and found it great , are good actors interpenetrate and that is why it is excellent.

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  • angelgrl91 By  angelgrl91    

    It's ok

    It's OK, I'll watch it if there's nothing e look else on, but I prefer the books to the movies. I agree with a lot of the posts on here that the books are better, and the best movie is the last one.

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  • alyssaguillen By  alyssaguillen    

    If we're talking about the first movie, it was absolutely dreadful. The acting in it was horrible. The whole thing was just simply boring. The only good movie within this series was the last movie to be released.

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  • Sacton926 By  Sacton926    

    I thought it was good for type of movie it was. I would watch over

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  • Sashmil By  Sashmil    

    It had potential but beat the triangle between the characters into the ground. I felt bad for Jacob. Some of the actors are great then some failed.I felt like they should have casted better to make an amazing movie.

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  • bitsofsugar By  bitsofsugar    

    I do enjoy the twilight movies, however whenever it comes to this movie (the first in the series) the acting is a but weak. I must say though that the story line is appealing & does make you want more. Overall despite the lack of acting in parts, it is a good movie.

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  • mariab94 By  mariab94    

    i watched them all and loved them all. although i do have to say the books are way better.

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  • tkleonard By  tkleonard    

    Watched all the Twilight movies. Enjoyed them all. Not just for the teenagers.

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  • Erina93 By  Erina93    

    The movie is okay. The books are better, but even then there are better vampire/werewolf movies and books. It's worth watching, but not worth owning in my opinion. I know a lot of people who love the movie franchise, but it's not for everyone.

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  • JessLangston1 By  JessLangston1    

    The movie hooks you and leaves you waiting for the next one. I agree with a past posted that Kristen Stewart plays a character that has a small range of emotions. It does get better through the other movies. The books were still much better and you are left looking for important parts of the book that are left out of the movie. The music is awesome.

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  • KeraLee123 By  KeraLee123    

    I have to admit that I love these movies. I love the idea of falling for the one you can't live without but should live without. It's a beautiful love story and a very creative idea.

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  • BossLady0 By  BossLady0    

    I think anyone who loves action movies would really love this one.

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  • Bagel2332 By  Bagel2332    

    Horrible movie. How was this franchise so popular?

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  • imbabiluv By  imbabiluv    

    I read all the books before the movie came out and I must say it is a must see. This movie is unlike any vampire movie I ever saw. I sat there entranced making sure not to miss anything. The characters potrayed by the actors were excellent. The creativity was unique and the whole movie will have you smiling.

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