Movie Twilight

Movie Twilight

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I haven't read the book,although I have heard that it is much better than the movie.I have become a big fan due to this movie.It basically has everything from romance to action.It is not your typical horror/vampire movie.Needless to say,I will be seeing the rest of the movies too,and when I find the time,I will start on the books also.Better late than never!

Its a great movie. i personally loved it .. i could watch it over and over again., yes some people say its predictable but its still a great movie ... 5 stars

I liked that the books gave more detail. They had to cut a good bit in the movie, but as Pepperjune said, they really followed the book well. It definitely is different than other vampire movies. I didn't want to like it, but I couldn't help myself. :-)

this is a good movie and will have good sequals hopfuly

Like everyone else said, I loved the book so much more than the movie. I had to watch the movie a few times and now I love it! It helps to put a face to the characters. I am almost through the 3rd book now! I love them!

I always like the books better than the movies, but i did like this movie enough to purchase it!

Not as good as the book but I do love it! I watch it almost every other day!!

Awesome movie...I didnt' really think I would like it but it was awesome. A definite movie the whole family can watch.

never heard of twilight unitl i took my little cousin to watch the movie....and I LOVED IT!!! everything from romance to action. really really good! then went and bought the book all 4 books in 4 days!! i didn't want to put it down..and the book series is way better than the movie GO WATCH/BUY!!! :)

I absolutely love the series. The movie, the books. My sister in law was the one who told me about it and i have told many people baout it, i read all 4 books within 2 weeks and can't wait for the next movie to come out

I hadn't read the book but decided to see the movie, I can't say that it was particularly well done but it was very entertaining. My friend recently purchased the DVD and has watched it a dozen of times. I suggest reading the series, I finally read all four after seeing the movie and found them enjoyable.

The movie is defiantly not as good as the book but it is very entertaining

love edward!! soo hot. both movie and books keep you wanting more.

At first I wasn't sure I would like the Twilight series, but I love them! I have read all of the books and watched the movie. I made my bf hunt down the movie for me so I could watch it. I love these almost as much as I love the Harry Potter series. Def. make sure you watch it and if you have time read the books too!

Great movie! cant wait to see the next one.