Movie Twilight

Movie Twilight

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I hated the movie and the book since I've seen better vampire movies!!!1

never seen this movie before would like to see it

I read the book before seeing the movie and I have to say...both were awful. I found them to be fairly cheesy and the acting was horrendous. The plus side is that I got a few good laughs out of both of them.

I LOVE the Twilight Books. The movie, on the other hand, was a ridiculous joke compared to the books! It honestly was some of the worst acting I have ever seen. Very very disappointing. I got every book and pretty much read them each straight through when I got them, staying up all night just to read more. I went to the movie in theaters, and SLEPT through 80% of it because it was so terrible! I sure hope New Moon is better...

Definitely for a female teen. Nothing special about it if you're older than that.

The more I watch this movie.The more it sucks.So did "New Moon".The books however are really very good.I think they could have done a whole lot better with the films.

The movie, like the book, was terrible. I was dragged to this by my 16 year old sister-in-law, and I was appalled at the terrible example this series is setting for young girls. Remember, you're nothing without your abusive, controlling boyfriend, and stalking is romantic!

What an awful movie....the makeup and acting are truly, truly awful.

my favorite character in the books was Alice. i was horribly disappointed to see that her story had been severely cut out of the movie.

If you must watch this filth, do it only because everyone else has seen it and you feel left out. Or, watch it assuming it's a comedy and spend your time laughing at the poor acting, poor editing and the poor story.

Terrible acting, script, lighting... It was all terrible..

I couldn't even finish this movie. I found it childish, and amateur at best. The whole film production was low budget. The setting was horrible and the lighting was completely wrong. The acting was even worse. It was forced and completely fake. Kristen Stewart was the worst possible choice for any movie. She has no ability to pull off any role. I found the entire story corny, immature, and far too fast paced to be believable. Completely ludicrous!!

I can't find anything to like about Twilight. I never read the books but the movie is enough to repel me forever. The acting was terrible. I did find myself liking maybe one character out of the whole story line but for the most part I found the writing and characters to be too cheesy and emotionally weak and irrational. Even for a movie about fictional beings this movie was just too overdramatic and lacked any kind of emotion I could connect with.

Don't bother with the movie if you've read the book--the movie will be a disappointment. Eh, the movie will be a disappointment even if you have read the book--unless you just want to laugh at how bad it is.

It's boring, but has some funny parts. If I'm not doing something else while watching this I end up falling asleep.