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We Secretly Want More Than The Salad

on Aug 22, 2009: I have to say that I'm not surprised by this, but then again, I've never went on a date and ordered a salad. I probably ate a few less calories if I was with some people who I didn't know very well, but people I am close with (male or female) know that I will eat what I want. These young'ens will …

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Is Breast Always Best?

on Aug 19, 2009: Breast may be best, but only if the mother is getting a healthy diet. There are some mothers who want to just kick back and have a glass of alcohol after 9 months of none. Or maybe she wants to fill herself up with caffeine every day. If she is not getting the proper foods and vitamins and mineral…

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Vaccinating The Nation

on Aug 19, 2009: i agree with most of the ladies on here! It hasn't been out long enough for a proper study to be done and they want to first give it to pregnant women and kids?! No way. Myself and my 2 year old will NOT be standing in that line!!