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Tyra Banks Loses 30 lbs... and Credibility?

on Oct 29, 2008: I'm a little disappointed in Tyra for doing the magazine. I thought she looked great the way she was, she looked like a healthy, curvy woman. However, if losing the weight makes her feel better about herself then more power to her. I would have rather she do a piece on her show about why and ho…

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Bright Lights, Big Ass

on Oct 29, 2008: This is the greates book of the 21st century and Jen Lancaster is the greatest author of the 21st century. I've been sharing all of her books with my friends.

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A brand new car or a handbag?

on Oct 29, 2008: I find the trend for expensive handbags ridiculous. I know women who have bags worth several hundred dollars and all they wear on their feet are flip flops. I was raised with the idea that you spend money on shoes. It doesn't matter what you are wearing or carrying, as long as you have clean, s…