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Women vs Men: Who's The Better Investor?

on May 07, 2010: I think that I have a much better grasp on the reality of the situation when it comes to my boyfriend and my finances. I think partially it comes from life experiences. He joined the Navy at 17, and thus has never had to worry excessively about job security etc. I, on the other hand, have taken th…
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Buying A New Car? Go Armed With A Couple of Tips.

on May 07, 2010: My one piece of advice I wish more people would pay attention to has to be, don't buy new! The level of depreciation is simply staggering, and it is almost always in your best interests to buy 'new-used'.
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Affluent Women And Their Cash Concerns

on May 07, 2010: This is so true, out of the two of us, I worry significantly more about finances than my boyfriend does. He makes about double what I make in a year, so I think this has an effect on the pattern. I would characterize my financial concerns as an everyday awareness of spending vs saving. I would cha…
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