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Be Ready: What's BIG in 2018. Win Gift Cards to Sample the Latest Trends

on Jan 10, 2018: 2018 is about flowers, friends, family and connecting! Less of being plugged into the system and more about fostering the face to face connection with others! It's about being able to share your truth- unafraid... becoming the best version of yourself and making an impact on your community!

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Enter the SheSpeaks Shoe Lovers Giveaway

on Feb 27, 2015: There are none of the kinds of shoes I would ever wear on here..the higher the heel the closer to heaven i always say unless they are converse

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Enter the Happy Holidays Giveaway from SheSpeaks

on Dec 05, 2014: I love the Bah Humbug...from the Scrooge Movies. ..I love them so much..guess what is appearing in our aka ward family photo this year...Black Santa Hats with Bah - Humbug right across the front...it's a reminder that unless you give from the heart it's just another excuse spend $$!.. We have i…