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Make your own eco-friendly, green cleaners for pennies!

on Aug 16, 2011: Yup, we are slowly moving over to being more conscience about what goes in our bodies (eating or breathing) so there has been more baking soda and vinegar around here. When I run out of my stash of laundry soap, I'm going to make my own and see how that goes.

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Even Celebrities Go On Blind Dates

on Jul 21, 2011: That's awesome. Good for them both!

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Dirty Talk - Pesticides and Produce

on Jul 21, 2011: In our garden we use an organic spray we found at Walmart. I was skeptical because it uses essential oils to keep the bugs at bay, but it works wonderfully (and it smells good!). Well worth the extra money to have a piece of mind about what I'm eating. My sister-in-law gave me a bunch of toma…