Two Little Hands Productions Signing Time DVDs

Two Little Hands Productions Signing Time DVDs

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The Game Changer Signing Time videos were played non stop in my house for almost 2 years! They were so beneficial to us. My best friend's husband is deaf and I desired that our kids could play together without communication issues between the two families. Not only did my kids learn how to sign basic signs but my husband and I learned so much watching these. Then my son was diagnosed with communication issues and I doubt he would have made so much improvement had it not been for Two Little Hands Productions. Even his therapist was amazed!

I loved these videos for my students with special needs learning communication skills. She was engaging and fun. I didn't understand all the colored band aids on her fingers but it was an easy and fun way to learn sign language for the students and myself. She has many short videos uploaded online to get a taste.

TWO HANDS UP! Beautiful, entertaining, educational in more than just signs but also the English vocabulary, counting, ABC's, weather, seasons, colors, animals, and so much more! So worth the cost. My kids have been watching these videos since infancy and sign pretty decently, these videos were especially helpful before my kids could speak because they were able to communicate their wants and needs via their tiny little hands. Such a great tool in so many ways, LOVE IT!!!!!

I used these videos with my twin boys when they were little. They were also helpful for me as a visual learner to see the signs done in repetition. My boys had slight speech delays and learning common signs helped us to communicate.

We love signing time in our house! Both kids learned to communicate with me at a very young age because of these videos.

We borrowed these from other family members and they are amazing. My daughter loves these DVDs. They make it so easy to teach sign language. They are very educational and really get kids interacting with them. I would recommend that everyone.

Love these movies, we didn't purchase, we borrowed from the library, but would definitely spend the $ on the set!

My brother loves this show. He knows basic sign language because he watches this show. (I have learned a lot myself)

Probably the best investment I have made for my son and my family! We ALL love signing time!! My son LOVES Rachel and he's basically grown up with these guys! He was able to communicate with us using sign language far sooner than I would have expected him to be talking! It really took the frustration out of everyday tasks and he LOVED the videos. I also learned of my love for ASL as well!! Cant tell you how much I love this company!!

My kids loved these as babies and toddlers and learning sign language was such a great way to communicate with them before they could talk. Great product!

My daugher liked this program more than my son. They both have different learning styles and it appealed to one but not the other. I say that you should try it out because if it works for them it could be very beneficial.

Can not tell you how much we have loved Baby Signing Time in our house. Because of it, my son learned to sign by 1 and it was so helpful to bridge the language gap.

I, a mom of a mute, found this to be a very good learning tool for him and me. It isnt teaching the most accurate of signs cause the signs have multiple meanings. My younger children really enjoy learning using these dvds and books. We did buy a package, so we got flashcards as well as DVDs. Great product!!

My family loves Signing Time! At 18 months of age my son was non-verbal and signing time came into our families life as a way to introduce sign language so that we could communicate with our son. His older sister learned right along with all of us. The way the DVD's are set up, with songs to allow you to practice and really learn the signs with little difficulty. Alex and Leah were constant friends for my sons first 3-4 years of life. It helped make learning fun for everyone!

Love it. My daughter is hard of hearing and the whole family has used this video series to learn sign language for fun along with her. Songs, stories and rhymes. My children really enjoying watching it-and they are learning too!