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Tell Us Your Favorite Halloween Costume & Win

on Oct 19, 2011: I went to a large office party as a MAIL ORDER BRIDE. I was in all white, wore the elaborate headpiece from my wedding, had a "Miss America" type banner across me that said, "Mail Order Bride." Went to the post office and asked for all the stickers they had and applied them to my entire dress. C…

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The Healing Power of Hugs

on Apr 12, 2011: I love hugs - to give and receive. Sadly there aren't many people in my life to give me a hug and vis versa. Hugs are better than kisses and I'm not talking about the kind where someone taps youon the back. A real hug consists of a squeeze and holding the pose.

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Six Questions to Help You Keep Your Cool

on Feb 09, 2011: For the majority of my life I had a temper, then I had a great therapist and got older (I'm 58) and learned, "Does this really matter?" "Is it their problem or mine?" Right now I could go back to my old ways with my apartment manager but I tell myself, "I can't change her." For those of you still…