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Tell Us Your Favorite Halloween Costume & Win

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 10.18.11
Tell Us Your Favorite Halloween Costume & Win
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Halloween is more than just a day to wear a costume. It's a day we suspend reality and pretend. It's a chance for us to be kids again and let our imagination run wild. We can paint our faces, get dressed up, and gorge on our favorite candy. We can have super powers, be a blond for a day, or impersonate our favorite celebrity.

The Rituals

Halloween is more than just October 31st; it's an experience. We decorate our homes, de-tangle the spiderwebs, put up the gravestones and lay out the body parts. We visit haunted houses, bob for apples and, of course, Trick-or-Treat. We attend Halloween Parties to show off our costumes and check out the creativity of others.

The Costumes

As much fun as Halloween can be, sometimes the thought of actually coming up with our costume can be a bit challenging.  This season we'd like to help you tap into the SheSpeaks collective wisdom to help conjure up great Halloween costume ideas for this year and next. Do you have a preference for gory, scary, or witty or are you into the more abstract objects, animals or expressions?  Do you like to be something from the past or a trend that's popular today?

Tell us your favorite Halloween Costume in the comments below and you'll be entered to Win 1 of 4 Spooky Halloween Prizes! The prizes are a TWIX® Halloween Prize Pack, Halloween Chef, Halloween Decorations & Halloween Accessories packs . See below for more details. The contest will begin on Wednesday, October 19th and will end at 6 p.m. EST on October 24th.


(1) TWIX® Halloween Prize Pack

  • TWIX® costume
  • A lighted jack-o-lantern
  • A carton of full size TWIX® bars for you or your trick-or-treaters


(1) Halloween Chef Package:


(1) Hallloween Decorations Package:


(1) Halloween Accessories Package:


Good Luck and Happy Halloween!

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  • clc44990 By clc44990

    I loved the cheapest costume out there really, glue a bag of smarties onto your pants, it's a "smartie pants" costume.

  • lillietate By lillietate

    our was a hand made tutu that looked like tinker well.... with wings and a head band. My dd looked like an angel in it. We walked into wal-mart to pick up something for one of my boys. The lady at the photo center ask if she could take her picture. It's to this day one of the best pictures we own and it was free. She also took a picture of my bat man son but the other 2 wouldn't play. lol Love Halloween. Plus it's my birthday. so there you have it.

  • dhaubner By dhaubner

    Not sure yet. Hubby and I are going as Raggedy Ann and Andy this year.

  • malgosia By malgosia

    My all the time favorite costiue is red riding hood

  • lisaann By lisaann

    I love my costume this year....I'm a lobster in a pot! I tried it on and it's my profile pic on FB...everyone loves it!

  • tmrtink By tmrtink

    My favorite adult costume that I wore was I dressed up as a chicken. White turtle neck, white shorts, with white feather boas pinned all over myself. Orange tights, and rubber gloves stretched over my shoes to look like chicken feet. A white skull cap with feathers glued to the top, and a cardboard beak ties to elastic to wear over my nose! This year will be my favorite year for my boys costumes. My 15 month old is going to go as Oscar the Grouch-green zip up fleece with matching green fleece pants (all which can be re-worn!) and sitting in a silver spray painted gardening bucket on wheels to wheel him through the neighborhood. My three year old will be going as his favorite Super Grover! Blue sweats, an iron on letter "G" on the front, red cape, and a duct tape covered firemans hat to mimic Super Grovers! We will have a big bowl of chili before we head out, quick and easy, but something to stick to your ribs and keep you warm from the inside out-a Halloween tradition!

  • Badgerfanz By Badgerfanz

    I won first place for this costume....I took a cardboard box and made a nite table out of it - glued down a battery operated lamp, book, reading glasses and a glass of water. I went as a one nite stand!

  • andreaestes By andreaestes

    About ten years ago, I made a disco ball costume and zoomed around on roller skates. TOOO much fun! I LOVE to make my own (now our own) costumes.

  • sdturnbull By sdturnbull

    One year I dressed up as the Bride of Frankenstein and the high school drama teacher did my makeup. It looked awesome!

  • Racingchik44 By Racingchik44

    My favorite costumes are the older dresses from the Victorian days.

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