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Tell Us Your Favorite Halloween Costume & Win

Tell Us Your Favorite Halloween Costume & Win

Halloween is more than just a day to wear a costume. It's a day we suspend reality and pretend. It's a chance for us to be kids again and let our imagination run wild. We can paint our faces, get dressed up, and gorge on our favorite candy. We can have super powers, be a blond for a day, or impersonate our favorite celebrity.

The Rituals

Halloween is more than just October 31st; it's an experience. We decorate our homes, de-tangle the spiderwebs, put up the gravestones and lay out the body parts. We visit haunted houses, bob for apples and, of course, Trick-or-Treat. We attend Halloween Parties to show off our costumes and check out the creativity of others.

The Costumes

As much fun as Halloween can be, sometimes the thought of actually coming up with our costume can be a bit challenging.  This season we'd like to help you tap into the SheSpeaks collective wisdom to help conjure up great Halloween costume ideas for this year and next. Do you have a preference for gory, scary, or witty or are you into the more abstract objects, animals or expressions?  Do you like to be something from the past or a trend that's popular today?

Tell us your favorite Halloween Costume in the comments below and you'll be entered to Win 1 of 4 Spooky Halloween Prizes! The prizes are a TWIX® Halloween Prize Pack, Halloween Chef, Halloween Decorations & Halloween Accessories packs . See below for more details. The contest will begin on Wednesday, October 19th and will end at 6 p.m. EST on October 24th.


(1) TWIX® Halloween Prize Pack

  • TWIX® costume
  • A lighted jack-o-lantern
  • A carton of full size TWIX® bars for you or your trick-or-treaters


(1) Halloween Chef Package:


(1) Hallloween Decorations Package:


(1) Halloween Accessories Package:


Good Luck and Happy Halloween!

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  • jjvag1313 By jjvag1313

    I loved my daughters jellyfish costume based on the ones from the movie Sharktales. My mother made it from her using a large foam hat topped with fabric and material coming down as the tentacles. Complete with a purple sweatshirt and pants and sweat pants and it was the best costume I've seen

  • ghastlyone By ghastlyone

    I usually go with some kind of pop culture themed costume. This year, if I dress up, I want to be Jem! That would be truly outrageous.

  • dvschic By dvschic

    i love the baby lobster in a pot.. i think u can make your stroller a giant pot and save your back too!

  • vickeigh By vickeigh

    My fave costume ever is when I was a kid, my grandfather showed up at our family halloween party dressed as grandma. Funniest thing ever. To this day, when I pull out the pics, I still get a good laugh. Thankfully I inherited his wonderful sense of humor (and hers too)

  • couponcontessa By couponcontessa

    My favorite costume is taking a cardboard box (with hole in bottom) and putting clip on suspenders to make the box hang on the shoulders of the child (who is inside the box). Fill the box with dogs (stuffed animals), put ears and a black nose on the child. Then make a sign that says "FREE PUPPIES!" That is my ALL TIME favorite costume! And it is CHEAP!!!

  • DocGary By DocGary

    I was just diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and one of the main symptoms is being very dry in the mouth and this year I am going as a dry as a bone costume. It is important to keep mysenseof humor

  • vhubler By vhubler

    My favorite costume was a friend of mine when I was a child her mother made paper machette heads one was minnie mouse and another was goofy they were so original and added to their families quality time together

  • brandnewgirl By brandnewgirl

    My favorite Halloween costume was when my son was a baby and I made him a baby dinosaur outfit and he won 3rd prize at a local mall contest. He looked adorable!!

  • kentuckygal By kentuckygal

    As an adult, my most favorite costume what that of a bag lady.... gathered a worn out sweater and housedress from Goodwill, a Jonsey hat and added things I owned, like striped leg socks, worn out red ankle high rebocks, and painted my face white, added eye make up, tears coming down one cheek, oversize eybrows and red lipstick.. wish I could upload a photo here, I even won a competition at a party that night!

  • CatBlue By CatBlue

    My favorite costume was Millie, President Bush's dog.

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