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Is It Safe to Try Before You Buy? Experts Weigh in on the Cleanliness of Sampling Makeup

on Nov 15, 2017: I wouldn't want to test out samples that other people have used. I would much rather just get a sample size product that is essentially a one time (or few) use kind of thing.

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The Holiday's Hottest Toy is Already Hard to Get Your Hands On

on Nov 15, 2017: This toy is on my boyfriend's daughter's Christmas list! We won't be trying to find it but there are other family members who are on the hunt to find one for her.

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Not Home and Need Groceries Fast? Walmart Says No Problem, We'll Stock Your Fridge!

on Oct 06, 2017: Wouldn't feel comfortable with them entering my home when I am gone, but delivery would be a great option that would definitely work for my household.