Mr.Clean Magic Eraser

Mr.Clean Magic Eraser

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A must have when you have kids to clean where no other cleaner can.

I don't usually RAVE about cleaning supplies, there are some that work better than others, but it's the rare product that has me so excited that I tell everyone about it. lol! I use Mr Clean erasers all the time. With four kids and a dog, our house has plenty to clean up. Magic erasers get out smudges and marks that nothing else will touch. They truly are "magic". I stock up on them whenever there's a sale. I don't ever want to be without my Mr Clean magic erasers!

I have 4 kids and these have saved me a bundle ..Instead of buying paint to repaint walls I buy one of these and save myself 20 bucks..wish they made them bigger or sold them in

Works well, I use on a regular basis on almost everything.

Truly magic and worth every penny!! I moved into an apartment with terrible nicotine stains on the window blinds and could not get them clean with anything but the magic eraser. They clean almost everything.

This product is so perfectly named. I've never found anything that makes cleaning as fun and easy as this does. Wow! I'm never without one at home. It's amazing to find new ways to use it.

I absolutely love the way it removes marks from floors and walls and will need to try it on the grout.

keep one in your car. when you accedentally ding the door of the neighbors car in the parking lot, you can wash the paint righ off with a magic eraser

I have Mr. Erasers stock piled under my kitchen counter. They are really wonderful for almost any cleaning job.

Magic eraser is the perfect name for these handy things. I honestly have not had it work on anything that I tried including Sharpie marker on my hardwood floors! I LOVE these things!!!!

This thing rocks! I have used it on my walls, floors, shower tile, shower floor, front door - you name it! I have kids and dogs and things tend to get dirty. This little sponge is a powerhouse!

I love these. I use them to get scuff marks off molding, doors and my off white cabinets. I use them on my car wheels too, gets brake dust off easily. I wish they would last longer. Anyone know what the "magic" is in these?

This is the only product I have found that can clean my hard water stains in my bathroom. (And it makes it easy to do so!) It is a staple in my cleaning supplies. They are also great for getting crayons/markers off of my kitchen table and lanolium floors.

The nagic eraser is the best "out spot" on the market.It even got out ball point pen in my dryer well!!

The door handles on my fridge are not smooth, so they are difficult to clean (what was the manufacturer thinking?!) This is the only product I have found which will take the grime off the handles.