Mr.Clean Magic Eraser

Mr.Clean Magic Eraser

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The Mr.Clean Magic Erase Mop does not work! It's the craziest idea possible! Most people whom have used a Magic Eraser knows that is takes a lil elbow grease. Although I am a huge fan of the Magic Eraser, putting it on the end of a mop handle doesn't work!

I think I'm the only one who doesn't like this product -- but it never works for me! It just falls apart and I've had just a plain washcloth and water clean better. Is there a trick to it?

Terrible, Terrible, Terrible - save your money. Mine went straight to the trash. Love the majic eraser though.

Love the magic eraser, however, this mop didn't work well.

I love the regular eraser, but the mop fell apart so fast and didn't clean much at all. Won't buy it again.

it doesnt work very well at all.i will never get it again.

I don't give this any stars I hate this product it is totally a waste of money

Not loving the texture. It's like chalk and crumbles quicky. Not loving this

Many have recommended this product to me I hear it's great for most anything unfortunately when I tried the Eraser I didn't find it cleaned easily as I was told, yes it works however I've used other products that worked better, easier and quicker.

Not a big fan of this. My son did light crayon marks on his bedroom door and when i used it to clean it off it took off some of the white paint.

I dont know if it's me but i can't get these things to work when i use them

This does absolutely nothing! It has no abrasive side and I'm sure nothing is even in the smooth sponge. Not worth the money at all and definitely not magic.

These do not last i bought one recently and it didnt last the day.

I bought this to clean my very old bathtub the kind that is on legs, it did not get my tub clean at all, i was very disappointed.

I'm not a huge fan of these. After a fire, we had a professional cleaning service come out, and they used a similar product to remove soot from walls. When using a fresh, clean sponge, they work great. Reusing them layers more dirt on than it removes. I don't really like a product that gets so little use before going into the landfill.