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Birth Of Octuplets Spurs Debate

on Apr 01, 2009: This is such a difficult subject. If the woman could not afford to provide her existing children with a home, then I would say that she definitely should not have been offered the treatment. There are so many in the US who can provide a good loving traditional home for children, but are unable t…

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A New Life After Neglect

on Apr 01, 2009: On the subject of proper punishment. It does not seem that the punishment fit the crime. Although, a plea bargain for the decreased sentence in exchange for relinquishing her parental rights may have been the only way to assure Dani was free from the possibility of ever being returned to her Mot…

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White House Makes History In Time For National Women's History Month

on Apr 01, 2009: It may not be enough to address all of the issues, but it is certainly a very good start.