Mr.Clean Magic Eraser

Mr.Clean Magic Eraser

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Great product. I use it to clean my kitchen cabinets, they have a texture, and nothing works as well. Great for walls, fridges you name it it cleans it, plus no odor and mess.

The nagic eraser is the best "out spot" on the market.It even got out ball point pen in my dryer well!!

I love this product! We live in a 50 year old house that has a pink tile bathroom. Because of the age of the grout stains in there, we have been unable to get stains out, but with the eraser, it was like magic! Watching me use this, you wouldn't have believed I had spent hours on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor before! As far as cost, you can pay about $3 for a pack of them or buy an individual eraser for $1. Given that there are always coupons, this is what I have done. I bought 3 for $1!

Pros - Cost - inexpensive for what it does. Cons - crumbles

My husband and I use these all the time to get scuffs and marks off our walls! I love this product!!!

I used to spend hours scrubbing crayons on the walls - now it is effortless! I cannot live with these - I use them for EVERYTHING!

I love these things. I think they are one of the best things ever invented. Great on counter tops and scuff marks on the floor. I buy the larger container at Sam's Club so I'm never with out.

LOVE IT!!!!!

My favorite. I always buys these ever y time I go to the store I would be lost with out them in my house. They work great, now if only they would make one that would work on the carpet.

The door handles on my fridge are not smooth, so they are difficult to clean (what was the manufacturer thinking?!) This is the only product I have found which will take the grime off the handles.

This is the only product I have found that can clean my hard water stains in my bathroom. (And it makes it easy to do so!) It is a staple in my cleaning supplies. They are also great for getting crayons/markers off of my kitchen table and lanolium floors.

This thing rocks! I have used it on my walls, floors, shower tile, shower floor, front door - you name it! I have kids and dogs and things tend to get dirty. This little sponge is a powerhouse!

Magic eraser is the perfect name for these handy things. I honestly have not had it work on anything that I tried including Sharpie marker on my hardwood floors! I LOVE these things!!!!

I have Mr. Erasers stock piled under my kitchen counter. They are really wonderful for almost any cleaning job.

keep one in your car. when you accedentally ding the door of the neighbors car in the parking lot, you can wash the paint righ off with a magic eraser