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Trader Joe's Grocery Store

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I love Trader Joe's! I have one close to my house, so whenever I need something, I can walk to TJ really quick and get it. They have reasonable prices. Not only heir products are cheaper than any other grocery store, but also they have natural and organic foods.

I am so lucky to live close to a TJ's. Their foods are different and great. So many things that can only be bought at this wonderful store are staples in my home, not only for me but for my children and husband as well.

I love Trader Joe's. They have such a great variety of different foods/products. The staff is always very friendly.

DEALS-DEALS-DEALS!!!!! what more do i have to say! This store is WONDERFUL for all your needs!!!! So much variety and awsomeness!!!!

i have been shopping at Trader joe's for 10 years now and i love the store,they have a pleasant atmosphere and fresh grocery,i enjoy shopping over there.

I love Trader joes. They have a wide assortment of gourmet and organic produce to choose from. They have a few stores here in the east coast. I like their prices better than Wholefoods. I love their dried goods like their trial mix and spiced nuts. I also brought their chocolate covered expresso beans and their gourmet chocolate. It's a great place the lines are extremely long during hour so try to go after work if possible. they also have samples of various products and those samples change daily. Overall it's a clean and well stock store with excellant customer service.

Trader Joe's is my favorite grocery store EVER! I grew up in Southern California and had access to them around every corner. Now that I live on the East coast, the closest store is over an hour away. They have a great variety for organic and 'home-grown' products. The prices are not as steep as other organic stores.

Trader Joes is awesone!!! I would recommend this specialty organic store to everyone who wants a unique shopping experience. Trader Joes is very reasonably priced for an organic type store and you will find many fresh and frozen items as well. The dried fruit and nuts selection they have is wonderful along with a unique selection of tortilla and salsa type dips.And ohh the cookie selection yummie...try the Triple Ginger Snaps!! They always have some type of special drink to sample and a delicious sample of some type of food to taste while shopping. It is always a great experience traveling to the nearest Trader Joes in Massachusetts as New Hampshire has no franchises as of yet. It is my favorite place to shop and my family is always happy to receive the many different gifts for Christmas, Birthdays and other unexpected gifts they receive during the year.

I love shopping at Trader Joes! The employees are all very nice and helpful. The appearance of the store is always very well layed out, and clean, even the bathrooms are clean, which is a big bonus for a potty training mama like myslef. The quality of the products is amazing. Another bonus is that they take manufactuer coupons! The only complaint I have is that so many people love Trader Joes, that sometimes they are out of stock of some of the key items that I buy, but all the more reason to go bac the next day.

Totally and completely in love with TJs but very sad that the closest one is an hour away from me. I don't get to go as often as I would like, just a few times a year, but I love to stock up of dried fruits and nuts, so much healthier to grab a handful of dried fruit when the sweet tooth hits then a cookie or candy!

I do agree that it is fairly priced and if you want a sandwich they make pretty tasty ones. But if you want to go to a grocery and buy food, toiletries and household cleaners you will be very disappointed. I find they are very limited in there selection of everything.

I heard they have good wine! I'll have to check it out, I think there is one just across the river from me!

Absolutly depend on Trader Joe's. There milk tastes better, really No antibiotics fed to cows. Prices are reasonable for the quality of the products. I am embarrased to say how many of there honey greek yogurts I eat a day, mmm, good. They have many other product my husband and I love, to many to list.

a great place to find organic food as well as some foods that other supermarkets don't carry! love this place a lot!!!! cheaper too!!!

Great place to go on a periodic basis but not THE single weekly regular shopping trip.