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Trader Joe's Grocery Store

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What's the big deal? I have been hearing about Trader Joe's for some time now, but have not had the opportunity until recently to visit a store. BIG disappointment. I honestly don't understand what all the fuss is about. The store was very small and the selection extremely limited. The prices were also higher than I expected after all the rave reviews. I came out unimpressed and not likely to return.

Kind of overpriced stuff which can be found at Grocery Outlet.

I am not yet sure about this store. I like the thought of getting healthy food but the one time that I went there to check the place out. I ended up getting one thing that I could have got at any store. But when I was in line the lady that was in front of me spent $75 on 2 bags. I may be cheap but I would not be able to do that.

I don't understand the hype of this store. Prices are nowhere near as good as people make it seem and the products are not all healthy. You still have to sort through the organic versus not, the gmo infused product versus not. It does have more healthy options, but still have to sort through everything.

Dont really get the hype I guess, it wasnt great and most of what I bought there I didnt like!

TJ is a much better "bang for your buck" than Whole Foods. I just love the Whole Wheat Pizza Crust. Very good selection and helpful staff. The one complaint I have is that they are inconsistent in keep product(s) lines available. I've bought a couple of different things and when I went back for more, was told, they no longer carry that product. Very frustrating, especially when you are trying to get 2 picky kids to make good food choices.

I'm not a big fan of this store. Yeah, they have unique products, but they have a terrible selection!!

Great store but very small selection of groceries. Prices are cheaper than Whole Foods but Whole Foods has more to offer.

I live two blocks from a Trader Joe's, so it is super convenient and typically my go to grocery store. My location is in a city, so it is smaller than the suburban ones. It is inexpensive for where it is and a lot of their prepared food is delicious. I have to say though, it's not as healthy as I expected. The frozen food is good and cheap, but not to healthy for you. The selection of canned vegetables is pitiful, and they are healthy and have less of a carbon footprint then frozen veggies. Their fresh produce is suspicious and usually not delicious. I had one peach that was great, but the next four were mushy or tasteless. The bagged lettuce is good, but lettuce doesn't really have a flavor. Their deli meats may not have nitrites, but they have enough sodium for your whole day. Their spice selection is good and very inexpensive, their fresh breads and homemade tortillas are amazing! Plan on getting produce and canned veggies elsewhere, but pick up novel items, frozen quick meals, and breads.

I do agree that it is fairly priced and if you want a sandwich they make pretty tasty ones. But if you want to go to a grocery and buy food, toiletries and household cleaners you will be very disappointed. I find they are very limited in there selection of everything.

I find the associates to be very friendly and helpful

A rare breed when it comes to grocery stores. Reasonable prices for top notch even gourmet foods they are in a class by themselves. The only downfall is their are not enough to go around. I often find myself spending more in gas to get to Trader Joes than I save so it's a conundrum for me. Excellent produce and customer service.

I love this store although I find it expensive but they have unique, healthy foods and brands that I have never heard or seen before. Their inventory is impressive and their pre-made foods are very fresh. I love their fruits and salads offerings too. I just wish they would be less expensive.

Wow I like trader joes but I think some prices or a lilttel high, but overall its a great store I like the fact that I can get all my healthy snacks at one location, the customer service is good at the store I went to in California bayare location I would recommend trader joe they do have good quality of food and different products to choose from . This is my 100% opion and yes this is my opion.

Great store for cute one of a kind food items with great prices.