FURminator deShedding Tool

FURminator deShedding Tool

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This is the best brush I have ever used for my dogs. I admit for the price I was weary, but my worries were blown away by the results. It works like a charm on our German Shepherds, dogs blessed with the ability to shed year round. The amount of hair we took out in each brushing was just amazing and a relief for our house, since the dogs are indoor. I recommend this product to anyone with dogs with medium to long fur!

Awesome! Works great on my lab.

This works great! Best brush to use when a dog or cat is shedding. Although they should come down on the price a little.

With the spring shedding season here, I finally broke down and shelled out $35 for the FURminator to use on my 4 shorthaired cats. These girls shed more then my long haired boy ever did and the slicker brush wasnt getting the job done. One cat in particular did not appear to be shedding at all, and the slicker never got anything off of her either, but the furminator did! Easily pulled out all the dead undercoat from all 4. When you look at it, it doesnt seem to be anything special, but once you use it, it becomes apparent the furminator really is better. It does tend to make the loose hairs staticy so do it on a bare floor and sweep or vacuum up after - there's no way to avoid it from happening. I am glad I bought it, there is a noticeable difference in the amount of hair on the furniture and corners

I initially got one to use on our 2 cats. Mr. Dinkle loves it, Pokey can't stand to be brushed with it. I have had people comment on how soft and shiny Mr. Dinkle's coat is. Pokey's is kind of bristlely (sp?) I think i got it on ebay for a little less than at a retail store. We now have a golden retriever (Buddy) and he loves being brushed with it. Since they are on the pricey side I just use the same brush for the dog and cat. I highly recommend it! I can't say it has eliminated all the fur on our furniture or clothes, but I am sure it has decreased it drastically.

I am also going to say how well the furminator works for me. My cat sheds like it is his full time job. When he rubs my legs he leaves behind a cat's worth of fur. I just moved in with my boyfriend and the only thing that he asked was if I could get the cat groomed. I bought the furminator and we are both ecstatic because you would never even know that we have a cat. I only use it once a week now and I tell you, there is never fur on the sofa or on my pant legs. I also have the spray shampoo and conditioner that makes him smell fantastic. I love it!