FURminator deShedding Tool

FURminator deShedding Tool

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I used this on my chihuahuas for a couple months. Although it worked ok I have found that shaving them ultimately was the best.

It did help a little but, i found it gave my dogs split ends...

My cat doesn't care for it. She just doesn't like grooming tools at all. Think teeth are to close together for a long haired cat. Pulls to much. It does work but my cat is a brat. 😼

I was wondering how well this worked, so the reviews helped. I dont know the price of one, but looks like from the comments they are expensive. Still, my dog sheds more than any other dog I have ever seen!

I do not like these types of products, I feel like they are too rough on my pets coats.

I love using this tool on our German Shepherd Mix mutt. It strips out a lot of the lose fur and undercoat that would otherwise end up all over our house. Our pup seems to enjoy the process as well as he sits nicely and doesn't leave until we're done brushing. The one downside is that we have to use this product frequently (at least once per week) to keep the shedding to a level we're comfortable with.


Love this! For the longest time i could never find a brush that actually brushed my dogs short hair. The bristles were never small enough. This works great and pulls out more hair than i thought it would. I brush both of my dogs once a week and it helps minimize the amounts of dog hair in my house.

I have a mix breed, short hair dog (Pit, Ridgeback mix, we think) and this is the only brush that has worked at all.

I have a germene sheperd and this is a great tool!!!!!

I used it on my lab and it really removed the undercoat that tends to shed on my bed and float on my tile floors. I recommend this to all pet owners!

This works fabulously on my cats both short and long hair!

I like this tool it works great on my dog and she enjoys me using it on her, it removes alot of hair.

Having an Alaskan Klee Kai(mini husky) this comb beats anything on the market!! He sheds his coat twice a year, we comb him outside. Helps keep the house clean of those pesky hairballs!!

I use this on my cats, it helps keep clumps of hair off the floor more now than when i used other brushes. The cats don't mind being brushed with it either. A win - win situation for all of us.