TRESemme Shampoo and Conditioner

TRESemme Shampoo and Conditioner

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I am rating it a 3 because it works for me but not my daughter. I use both the shampoo and conditioner. I only bought it because I was in walmart and didn't feel like driving to Sally's for Silk Element. I was skeptical on using it but tried it any ways. I am mixed with very thick wavy hair. It worked well for me, especially the conditioner. Today I used it on my 5yr old daughter for the first time. She is also mixed with thick curly hair. The shampoo left her hair hard and dry which was weird to me. I had to put the conditioner in and double the amount to get her hair soft again. I also had to use another brand deep conditioner to get her hair soft again. I will continue to use garnier on her hair. Tresemme didn't do a good job for her.

Use this product all the time. With long hair products have to clean and rinse well, these are the very best.

Do not like this shampoo at all, leaves a greasy feeling in your hair. Even my son commented on the feel of his hair after using. Would not recommend at all.

I like the silky version of the conditioner. It has helped make my hair softer and smoother.

I am a convert to this duo. I normally shampoo the roots and use the conditioner on the ends. i must say that the smell lasts and my hair looks better than with some other products. While this might not be a top of the line product it does to what most of them would. And with the size of the bottles they last and last.

I love both the shampoo & conditioner. I use the Thermal Shampoo & Heat protection conditioner when I am doing my hair straight. When I am doing my hair curly I use both the curl enhancing shampoo & conditioner

Did NOT like this product at all. I used it exactly as the directions said and the shampoo didn't seem to work at cleaning my hair and the conditioner left my hair feeling greasy. I switched to Garnier Fructis sleek and shine and haven't looked back!

I love both of the products,I have curly hair and it works wonders for me and the price is great!!

TRESemme shampoo and conditioner is a great salon product to use from a decent price. I have very very very thin hair and it also fall out alot. TREsemme shampoo and conditioner has been one of the only product that been able bring back the health in my hair. My hair is more mangeable and falls out alot less. If you have thin hair i would recommend you to try it.

I really like this conditioner. It's thick and doesn't run off. It leaves my fine, dry hair feeling very silky and I can wash my hair every other day. My color also does not fade with this conditioner!

I really enjoy their products, especially the conditioner. Also, I've heard tons about their heat protector spray.

In one word it's CRAP. I have pretty thick hair(with fine texture). I have read so many good reviews abt it but it made my hair dry and frizzy. I am stuck with the 2 huge bottles of shampoo n conditioner which my poor husband is using now.I wont recommend this to anyone

I personally wouldn't choose this as my first choice shampoo. My husband loves it, but his hair is thin where mine is think. I would say it should be geared for men

I have used this several times and leaves a build up. This shampoo isn't bad but i prefer to try others over this one.

i adore these. Very fresh scented, and the naturals smell even better. They have a lot of choices for what you want out of them (ex. hydration, anti-breakage, etc) Yet, i still need to use a deep conditioner because it doesn't soften my hair enough