MiO  Liquid Water Enhancer

MiO Liquid Water Enhancer

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This is the only way I can get my husband to drink actual water.

Little pricey at $4 a bottle, however, it's amazing and if you are like me a little goes a long way! The sweet tea is delish and the orange/tangerine flavor tastes just like McDonald's orange drink. Yum. I love that its zero calories. I drink a ton of it at work to keep my water intake up and I will drink it at home when everyone is is having soda.

I love the entire concept of MiO. I was given a free sample bottle of the new Blueberry Lemonade, and let me tell you ...a little goes a long way! If you prefer a subtle flavor, only use a couple of drops. If you prefer your drinks tasting like the melted remains of a popsicle, keeping adding. The idea that you can control the level of flavor I find particularly innovative over pre-measured to-go packets. Being a "liquid water enhancer", you also don't have to worry about dissolving issues or powder residue in your glass/bottle which for me personally is a BIG deal. So far I have also purchased both energy varieties and I'll admit I have not fully inspected what the "energy" ingredients actually are, but I do feel a bit peppier after drinking either flavor. Not to the extent of a full cup f coffee, but enough to get away from the Xbox and do some laundry. :) The travel-friendly size is perfect for a the car, your purse of even a back-pocket, making it even more desirable. So, if you're in drink mix aisle battling between Crystal Light and MiO, go with MiO everytime. Don't be fooled by the size of a CL box. MiO has lasted much longer in my household than any CL flavor, and this is a house of constant water drinkers!

Love these little bottles! I began carrying one in my bag to work to try and drink more water, now we keep just about every flavor in our house and I keep a couple in my bag. The flavors are great and I love the fact that you can add as much as you want. I like my Mio light, so I only put a couple shots into my water, my hubby likes a lot so he puts like three or four into his. They are much more convenient than those flavor powders which never seem to give me the right amount of taste.

My husband loves this addition to his water or even sometimes his cocktail. It is kind of expensive but tastes great

Huge fan of Mio! Have every flavor they make and use it daily. Was a life savor while on my diet and still use it now.

We LOVE MiO! The size is perfect. It can go in a lunchbox or be slipped in a purse very easily. Flavors depend on tastes of course - some like more, some like less and some like one flavor and not another. I love the sweet tea! I do with there were some simpler flavors as I'm just a basics type of gal, but my husband loves the flavor combinations and it is always in his lunchbox. I think it is priced a little high at over $4, but we look for deals and coupons to try to get it more toward the $2.00 mark with is much more reasonable in my opinion.

This is a fabulous product, I have tried all flavors available. Love the taste and convenience, a small container, easy to carry. Tried the lemonade (as a sample) and mixed it with the sweet ice tea to make Arnold Palmers!

loved the fruit punch flavor and the no added calories as well as the convience.

I love Mio..it is sugar-free and great for diabetics like me..I carry it in my purse, also, so when I'm at a friends or relatives, and they have nothing that is sugar-free to drink, I always can have my favorite flavor, which happens to be the Berry Pomegranite!!! I can't get enough of this product!!!

I love this, my favorite is the Black Cherry MioEnergy its sooo yummy! And guess what? No Calories! Whoo Hoo! I love that its as simple as grabbing a waterbottle or a glass of water then adding in a few drops and BAM! A delicious quik and easy thirst quencher (:

I have tried the Fruit Punch out of the Mio Water Enhancer line and loved it! Awhile back it was a free sample from face book too which was good because I didn't have to purchase it! I can't wait to try the other flavors. I hope I see coupons really soon! I do highly recommend this product for others to try! One of my friends have tried it and she loved it!

I've always had a hard time drinking water, I swear I can taste all the chemically nastiness in it so I've always been a soda drinker until I began to have health problems as well as too much weight gain from this. So I've taken up drinking water and I have found that MIO makes it so much more appealing! This stuff is fabulous and you can make the water as strong as you like or use just a little for a small bit of flavoring. The only thing is I wish they had some more natural/plain flavors...everything seems to be a mix of two flavors, I'd like to have just Strawberry or Grape or even Watermelon would be cool.

The only flavor I have tried is the Fruit Punch and I did not like it at all, I will have to try some of the other flavors.

This is so good. I'm not a big water drinker, but this is wonderful and you only need so few drops to make your water taste lovely. I really enjoy it and when you can't have a lot of soda this is a good alternative!