MiO  Liquid Water Enhancer

MiO Liquid Water Enhancer

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I really dislike this stuff. I don't know what it is, I just don't like my water flavored.

I do not like these. If you add too little, you need to add sugar. If you add too much, you got a syrupy mess in your cup. Ah, ill stick to KoolAid.

Ewe not good, or good for you! Do not recommend . Tried a sample will never buy.

MiO sent me a coupon a while back for a free product and I used the coupon. I did NOT like the flavor of this water enhancer. I liked that it came in small container that had many uses in it...and that you could use as much or little as you'd like. But the flavor was just not there for me.

The only flavor I have tried is the Fruit Punch and I did not like it at all, I will have to try some of the other flavors.

It is convient but you need much more than the recomended amout of drops to add a decent amount of flavor. Didn't feel it was worth the money, the shelf life after open wasn't that long either. I'll stick with the single serve powder packets.

My hubby really liked this after trying a coworkers. He loves the ice tea flavor. I tried and wasn't as impressed.

I tried the MIO lemonade and fruit punch. Now, when I drink lemon flavored water, I really want a lot of lemon flavor, but this was very weak, and had an awful after taste of artificial sweetener. I used like 1/4 of the bottle trying to get it to the right taste, but it just kept getting stronger with the taste of the sweetener. Yuck. The fruit punch flavor was a much better experience, but it tasted very salty to me. I think I'll just stick to normal water, thanks.

I think Mio is a great idea, however I find the flavors to be rather unsavory.

These are pretty good! Sometimes you have to use a bit more for more pronounced flavor, but a nice break up from plain water. I always lose mine though!!!

To be honest, I have never tried this product before, but my hubby has and he thinks that it is a wonderful product. He uses it in place of Pepsi. After reviewing these positive feedback and not to mention my hubby's love for this product, I think I would definitely be trying this product.

My husband loves this addition to his water or even sometimes his cocktail. It is kind of expensive but tastes great

Ok, it portable and has a somewhat good taste but for the money I'll pass. Just not worth it!

Comes in many flavors. My husband loves them.

This product is great when you want a little something different than just water. You can control the amount of flavoring you put in the water too. These were bought as stocking stuffers for my teenage niece and nephew and they loved them! My nephew drinks a lot of pop and when he got that in his stocking, he drank nothing but water that day with his mio flavoring. Great way to get water into kids!