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Take the Tyson Wonder Woman Quiz & Win a $50 Gift Card

on Jun 28, 2017: I loved the Wonder Woman TV show and I can't wait to go see Wonder Woman in theaters. My husband and I plan on going soon to see it. We just watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Wonder Woman was one of the opening trailers before the movie. We can't wait to see it! Thank you SheSpeaks and Ty…

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Ideas for a Better BBQ: New Foods to Grill

on Jun 28, 2017: My favorite food to grill is steak! I love a juicy steak or BBQ pork chops! My family and I love to have cook-outs and lately I haven't had much of the chance of having one due to chemotherapy, but we have a BIG 4th of July cook-out coming up. We usually always try to get together for the 4th of J…

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Find the Perfect Father's Day Celebration! Enter the #SheSpeaksDad Giveaway to win a $100 Gift Card

on Jun 14, 2017: Sunday my family and I have set up a Dad's night so my husband can watch all of his favorite movies. We're going to have a movie marathon with popcorn & m&m's. I can't wait. I have his favorite supper ready to cook and we're going to have a big meal then sit and watch tv and eat popcorn and have f…