Biore  Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

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I have used this product since I have heard about it. This product does what it says it does and more. I would recommend this product to anyone.

These are great! Quick and easy to use! Keeps my pores nice and clean!

I love these!! They work so good!! It doesnt hurt like some other products when you take it off either!! My skin feels amazing after too!!

the first time i used this i did not think it would work but it does i love it its the best

I'm a picker. If I see a whitehead on my face, or feel one coming on, I just can't leave it be until it's gone. Luckily, I've always had pretty clear skin, but I almost always seem to have those annoying blackheads around my nose. Especially on the nostril area where it really hurts to get rid of them. Enter Biore Strips. Gosh, I adore them. Not only do they work, but they're pretty painless. Occasionally it will leave a filmy feeling after pulling off the strip, but my toner gets rid of that feeling in an instant.

I agree! I LOVE these! I had tried another brand before and they didn't work AT ALL, but these Biore strips really do!! I use them fairly regularly and they always pull out ugly gross blackheads and leave my skin feeling super clean after I peel them off! I highly recommend!

i love these things as well. i used to use the PONDS strips but then they never did do the trick like biore does.

I love love love love this stuff . It gets all my black and white heads out and once Im done my face feels so clear. Just dont use it when your skin is overdried like after the beach because it can cause peeling

I use this product every so often when I feel like I need a clean deeper than regular them!

Love love love biore. It is amazing how great it works each time. I don't use it three times a week, I use it only once because it does so well but my two daughters do use it more and they love the results. We also tried the forehead and chin product but that is not a problem area.

Only strips on the market that remove as many blackheads! So easy and clean. I love them!

I love this product. It does get rid of your blackheads and you can see it on the strip.

Everybody knows this is the best product! Just get it. You won't regret it! Yo ucan see the results right on the strip & it feels awesome! :)

I have been a pore strip user for over 10 years and love this.

I always feel like I'm doing a science experiment whenever I use my Biore strips! That's probably why I feel like it's a fun cleaning process. You just can't help but be surprised when you lift the dried strip from your face or nose in my case, and see all the rows of blackheads stuck on your strip that you never thought you had. Sometimes it hurts like heck while removing them but that's the price you pay for the deep cleaning I guess. I've tried other blackhead treatments like the one from Dr. Brandt but it was too mild and you had to constantly reapply the treatment to thoroughly clean the blackheads off of your face. They are overpriced and are not consistant. They are a milder option for people with sensitive skin. I remember the time they used to have the imitation Biore strips at the 99 Cents store a few years ago but they didn't work as well either. Guess that's why they were only 99 cents! Biore strips are on my permanent wishlist at so I never forget about them. A keeper!