Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment

Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment

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Love this! Recommended by NICU nurses. I've used this on both of my kids for every skin problem (usually scratches on their faces, dry spots, peeling skin, baby pimples, etc.) and skin problems disappear overnight! I also keep a thin layer on their faces and chins as a protective barrier against drool and milk (while they're at day care) and in the folds of their necks (I have babies with 2-3 chins!). Pretty greasy but that's probably what makes it work so well.

I use this on my daughters eczema and it works great .

I use this product on my daughter when she has a diaper rash. It does the job.

Works like magic for healing and keeping the skin soft in the winter.

This is a great product. My daughter used it for a good while and my oldest daughter uses it for her winter dry skin. My husband got the best use out of it for his large tattoo he got done. He used this on it instead of lotions and other products and was very very pleased. He said it worked better than the $7-$10 small containers of product the tattoo shops use.

Works great for my son's eczema.

My daughter had eczema and it has done wonders for her skin

i love this product! it worked good on diaper rashes when my boys were still diapers. i found that i liked this better than any other diaper rash cream. it is a little greasy when you put it on. but that isnt a big deal to me. my son has problem with dry patches. we put this on them and it clears them right up.

my son has dry skin and his skin needs to be moisturized pretty often and our pediatrician recommended aquaphor and there is nothing like it. it keeps his skin soft and he is almost two now and comes and asks me for it when his skin feels dry. It soothes him and he finds great comfort in using it. Highly recommend this product

I love Aquaphor! Ive used it on many of my tattoos and it works great!

I use this for my rough great!

I LOVE this product! I have tubes of this in every room and every bag. It replaces the diaper cream, eczema cream, antibiotic cream all in one product!!!

Love Aquaphore!

This is a wonderful product. My little girl had eczema when she was a baby and it worked great . I have found that it is the best product for diaper rash too. I would apply it at night and the diaper rash would be gone in the morning. It is a must have.

The NICU used this when my son was born so I've been using this on him and little brother. Their dad also uses it to moisturize his skin and I use it at times when I'm feeling really dry. It's a little greasy when you apply it but soon the skin absorbs it and then you're left with really nice and moisturized skin. I also use this if I have a rash or something and it eventually heals it. I always recommend this product to my friends. It's a main staple in my household.