Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment

Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment

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Didn't work for us, my daughter had hives. Was reccommed by her doctor for enezma, but she is allegric. :(

We really didn't like this. It is extremely greasy and really did not help at all for my son's rash. My son has very sensitive skin and gets diaper rash very easily. He also doesn't seem to like the feel of this on his skin.

very poor

This was given to me by my kids' Dr because my youngest son has extremely dry skin on his legs. I used it for about a week and saw improvement in the dryness. Also, this product is extremely greasy. I actually found myself washing it off of my hands after putting it on him because otherwise my hands felt slimy and gross for hours after I applied it. Not a fan.

No vegan :( I wish this was vegan! Why does it have to contain animal byproducts in it? There are a lot of allergies and one specially deals with mammalian meat and byproducts.

Can't Use This item makes my skin feel irritated! I have sensitive skin.

excellent product, but toop greasy

The idea of this product was great to me but it was so thick. When I applied it I felt as if I was pulling my daughters skin instead of it going on smoothly.

I have very dry skin and I find this to be more greasy than mosturising. It dosen't sink in to the skin like you want it to it just sits on top of it and gets all over every thing you touch.

Maybe? Really greasy and sticks to fabric when on your little one. I give it two stars because it did help my little ones eczema.

Works very well for a good diaper ointment when the little bottom has some raw patches, it makes a good barrier and does not sting/burn. Have to be careful when using on dry skin becasue it can get very greasy.

I think other brands are better

I used to use this on myself for my excema. It worked really well but it was extremely greasy and I hated the feel of it.

We use this ointment for the healing of our tattoos and maybe the occasional chafe. It works great and would only recommend when getting a tattoo.

Absolutely love this diaper cream! Only cream we have found that works so fast! It's so gentle on our daughters skin and is so fast acting. We are forever greatful for it.