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  • Nataliechristine By  Nataliechristine    

    My 6 year old daughter absolutely loves singing to her Taylor Swift CD. She was invited to go to her concert at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Ma and she had a ball !!! Favorite songs are Speak now, and Enchanted. I love that her lyrics are not racy and no, they are not probably for six year olds, but appropriate for my daughter.

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  • Ricca81 By  Ricca81    

    I am not a fan of country music but I was told Taylor Swift was pretty awesome. My 5yr old LOVES her and her music so I decided to buy the album. This is one of my best albums. I became a fan instantly. Taylor has an amazing voice and all her songs are catchy and you can relate too. I recommend this album to everyone. To me its more of a "pop" album than country .

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  • murphnm By  murphnm    

    Love Taylor Swift. She is fresh & she is appropriate for all ages. Her album is always playing in my car!

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  • 1SwtWrld By  1SwtWrld    

    If I have to hear 1 more song about a breakup or sob story I am going to puke in my mouth....I loved her at first but now she is getting on my nerves, every song sounds the same she is so pitchy, I am sorry but I am not a fan of this CD and it's pretty sad when my 11 yrs. old daughter doesn't like her anymore....she hasn't won any awards lately I don't think and that should tell you something right there....

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  • citygirl146 By  citygirl146    

    I LOVE this album!! I got the platinum edition, and the new songs she put on there are great! I love that she can relate to almost anyone!! She is fantastic!! Plus, the videos she put on there is fun to check out!

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  • shoppingurl1697 By  shoppingurl1697    

    I love her so much, she is my idol, and her music is wonderful. every time i play it i always get happier.

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  • ciaobella57 By  ciaobella57    

    Taylor Swift is awesome. Not only is she a fantastic singer on the album, she is also very good live.

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  • bdesarro By  bdesarro    

    very much like her first album. very pop country. my favorite it you're not sorry.

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  • lostbeforedark56 By  lostbeforedark56    

    Taylor is a wonderful example of great American Music, I have found many of my husbands friends also love to listen and sing along with her music. I look forward to hearing more from Miss Swift as she matures her music can only get better with her age.

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  • andieangel3 By  andieangel3    

    LOVE her music! She is very talented & I am looking forward to hear what she has to come.

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  • couponchickvee By  couponchickvee    

    I love Taylor Swift. This CD was amazing...there is not a single song that I did not like.

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  • ruthhill74 By  ruthhill74    

    Awesome! Taylor Swift has done it again. This is fantastic, and may she continue to write and perform music with these wonderful messages. May she stay true to who she is! It is a fantastic CD!!!

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  • LetMeTellYou By  LetMeTellYou    

    Awesome! Taylor Swift is one of my favorites right now. Her music is so great even for a mid 30's person. Brings back memories of days gone by

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  • dreamstar2380 By  dreamstar2380    

    love this Cd. shes one of those artists I dont have to be scared to play around with my kids in the same room. very well writen songs.

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  • meramsey By  meramsey    

    This CD is great! My 8yr old is in love with Taylor and just had to have us download it to her MP3 player!! Worth it to buy!

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